June 1, 2010

Changing from ... to

Thirty years ago today at 8:30 AM the doorbell rang.  When I saw the two people standing in front of me, I knew.
I had no idea how my life would change, I just knew I wanted to hold on to everything I knew.  And tried to pretend nothing had changed.  Of course it did.  It was a gorgeous, beautiful day, much like this year, the weather balmy and summery without it being overwhelming, as it can be a lot. 
As you read this, please remember that it is a long time ago, I'm fine, the kids are fine, and there is no pain associated with the telling.  And I will not relive the next few days, just get it done in this one time. 
I'm the one who told the children that their father wouldn't come home, I'm the one who called his parents, I'm the one who called mine, I considered it my responsibility. 
We got it done.  The funeral, the closing the door behind the last visitor, and the new beginning.

And it was fine. 


  1. Das tut mir sehr Leid für Dich und Deine Kinder, das war bestimmt eine sehr harte Zeit, aber Du scheinst eine sehr starke Frau zu sein!