June 6, 2010

Sunday, Birthday with the family

Today was Jessica's family party.  It was lovely, we got together at her house, and we had New Jersey Sloppy Joes.  The sandwiches, not the ground beef kind.  Soooo good!   With ham, cheese, turkey or roast beef, shredded lettuce and rye bread.
The kids were totally happy, we first went to Matthew's baseball game, where Jackson was upset because he wanted to play too.  But he's not part of the team, and that's not easy to learn.

Just three innings, but a long time for a little guy. So we wandered over to the playground until it was over.

Hey, and that's cool, right?
Then over to the party, which was fun, relaxed and lovely.

With a totally happy 6-year old.

And look what else I found yesterday at the yard sales, besides some great unused kid books for 50 cents each - this was a little more, though:

It's Westerwald Pottery, from my home region.  I have lots of lovely pots, lots of them from a cousin, who was nice enough to help in a big way, some of them from my brother, and some of them I found myself.  This one is very old, it's a mug, maybe meant for beer, and very old. 

Unfortunately the handle is broken, glued together, but still.  I don't collect the beer mugs, but couldn't pass this one up.  I have it next to the big pot used for fruit punch, that I got from my mother.  I begged her for it.  It was a part of my childhood.  My mother kept home-made Christmas cookies in it.  She always talked about coming home at the end of the war (WW II), finding her home bombed out, and finding this pot in the ruins and taking it out, and I've loved it all that time:

the one behind the beer/whatever mug.
Sometimes my mother would keep Christmas cookies in that jar/punchbowl, and forget that there were cookies left, and find them sometime in the summer.  And they were still good, and she cheerfully served them.  The lid is a bit busted, but no matter. 

Back to today's party:  Jessica was particularly happy with her bunny slippers, which match the ones she got for her doll.  Aren't they cute?


  1. RUTH! I love the story of your mother and her cookies. Especially the part about after the war. That make it all the more precious..
    I once worked with a sweet German lady who told me of remembering the bombings and how they had to hide. She was so afraid of the thunder and lightening storms we'd get in the mountains..

    Love the little ones too and what a happy little birthday face (o:

    Keep the stories of YOU coming..

  2. DANGIT! I posted a long comment, but had an error message from blogger! Hate when that happens,. I'll try again but it won't be so much. Loved the story about your mom, the great old find,the sweet little birthday face and the slippers! Keep telling us about you..