June 5, 2010

Yard Sales, Party, Score!

This Saturday morning was devoted to local tag/garage/yard sales.  And I quit before 11 AM.  Enough!
I ended up with a new rug, and I like it a lot.  Since primary colors are my favorites, I just had to get it.
Pretty, right?  And I am throwing my first rug ever out, since it got wet a couple of times, doesn't seem to be colorfast, and has had it.
glass carafes - I started to collect them for my brother, but by now I think I'm doing well on my own.  Besides, he'll have to come get them.  No more than $2/piece, usually just one dollar.
And every one is different.  The one today has a sailing ship engraved in it.
Okay, this is the towel I'm giving Jessica:
Totally free hand, I cut out the letters without a pattern, just from left-over material.  The top is a 'bunny head', also just free-hand work.  I still have to embroider a face.
Not a very good photo of the dress I'm made her.  I'll do better, when she's wearing it.
So, I'm snapping up the card for the camera, and then I'll be the photographer for the party.

Anyone have any idea what to do about ants?  I sprayed all around the house, but there is still one or two ants coming in and I just don't like it. 


  1. Man, da warst Du ja erfolgreich! Samstagsvormittags schaffe ich es meistens nicht raus zu kommen, schade!

  2. Great collection should keep them! Love what you've sewn and as far as the ants, hmmm, better do some research on that one...

  3. wow, du kannst echt nähen! toll!

  4. My sister who lived in Kentucky once told me you can lay a trail of sticks of spearmint gum and the ants will march right out of your house. They also hate cinnamon. I like to sprinkle it over them and they never come back!