June 21, 2010


We had a good time at the birthday party.
The trip down took us over 6 hours.  And we crossed two States (for Vicki), drove from NJ to PA, then DE into MD.
And got there at after 10 PM.  Jackson was asleep and I was able to transfer him without him waking up.  We had put him in his pj's when we left the restaurant where we had supper.
The boys started playing really early:
and played the entire day, interrupted with naps for Noah.  Jackson kept going all day.
The cake was baked by Noah's Mom Sue
who does a great job with cakes - simply amazing.
Guess what Noah likes?  Trucks?  You think?
The singing of 'happy birthday' went off without a hitch, the cake was not only good looking, delicious on top of it.
And the boys liked:

and liked some more:
they played in the dirt:

and a little with Noah's cousin Kaely.
A very busy day!  I had to drag off a screaming Jackson, who didn't want to leave, but then fell asleep within 10 minutes of getting in the car.  And he slept all the way home, and continued to sleep until 7 AM yesterday morning.
Great food, great party!


  1. Die Zwerge sind ja niedlich. Ihr habt wenigstens schönes Wetter, bei uns war es heute abend das erste Mal seit über einer Woche trocken.

    Ach so, Rehe im GArten zählen irgendwie schon :)))

    Liebe Grüße, Ruth(y)

  2. Mir fällt grad noch ein: hab mir ein Programm gekauft, mit dem man Strickmuster "zeichnen" kann, wenn Du also mal was in Strickschrift übersetzt haben möchtest, melde Dich.

    Liebe Grüße, Ruth(y)

  3. six hours I wouldn't even be on the northern border of Nevada! How awesome that I could come visit you and see all them states in a week! haha.

    Glad the boys had a great B-Day and that you survived it too!

    Off to read the other posts I've missed..