June 13, 2010

Another June Birthday

One more, maybe two, to go. 
Jackson's third birthday was celebrated yesterday, with balloons and a picnic and candles and cake.
And cousins and friends, and little girls and boys.

The weather held, no rain.

The birthday boy blowing out his candles, after he listened to the guests sing the standard
Happy Birthday.
The hat was made by me.... she has them in lots of colors.
The blow-up watering fire engine was a huge hit.
everyone got wet, and the birthday boy proved he got the idea with the potty training by showing his skills.
No, no pictures, we don't want him embarrassed by the long life of photos on the Internet!

Lovely party once again!  And the potato salad I made met with approval.
Someone actually wrestled the camera out of my hands and I made it!

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