June 2, 2010


I could make it wordless Wednesday, like another blogger.

Or something else.

Summer is here!  How's that for a switch.  This morning I didn't go for my walk, I had to finish something for Jessica's 6th birthday.  Which I didn't because I took out the serger, and the serger (overlock) has yellow threat in it, and as anyone knows who sews, you don't change the threat if you have something on deck that needs to be sewn with the color that's in the machine.  So I started on another project.

I also woke up at about 2 PM and couldn't go back to sleep.  One of the reasons was that I got the newest Stieg Larsson book - the last one 'girl who kicked a hornets' nest'.  I'm at the very beginning.  Couldn't wait to get it and delve in, but want to savor it too, the old dilemma with a favorite author.

I called Jessica for her birthday.  She let me sing the whole 'happy birthday' song, and we chatted.  She got to pick who gets picked up first (her), and she told me  we'd be having macaroni and cheese tonight, since that's what she picked for her birthday.  With corn.  Do you see those colors on your plate?!  Well, a six-year old picked them.
I made her 4 sunhats, and she'll get a matching dress at her birthday party on Sunday (see changing thread).

Okay, I know, make photos.  Jessica is wearing one of the hats I made in the post before last.
And I will take pictures, I promise.

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