June 15, 2010


CJane from Cjane enjoy it stopped by and left a comment!

How cool is that?!

She's only one of the star bloggers and I enjoy her entries.  Doesn't matter that we are at totally different parts in our lives, I just enjoy it (ha!  double entandre)

Anyway, it made my day.

I came home tonight and found my dumb deer resting!  laying down!  in my tiny front yard.  And I bought stuff (expensive) to chase deer away/make things NOT taste good to deer.

I better get my money back.  It makes dumb deer sleep in my yard.

I managed to call two birthday boys today (their birthdays are/were celebrated on different days), and promptly forgot that Jessica graduated from Kindergarten.  And went all the way to work, remembered when I got there, and had to face stop and go traffic to GO BACK about 10+ miles! 
(as my mother used to say, in those moments one could bite oneself in the behind - she said ass - but I want you to keep a good opinion of me)

There is NOTHING on TV tonight.  Really.  What with Fussball/Soccer/Football transmitted, I think live, and the summer repeats starting, there is NOTHING.  Worthwhile.  Ugh.  And I read all the blogs in/on my list.

I'm going to bed.
Good night!


  1. Oh, I do read - all the time! There hasn't not been a book on my bedside - ever.
    I just watch a little TV before going to bed. At 9:30 PM usually at the latest.

  2. Stupid deer....
    Get a BIG dog...on a L-O-N-G chain :)
    I can so relate to biting ones ARSE!

  3. Pleased to meet you Ruth, I'm fed up with a tv full of footie too, only another 3 weeks to go !!!