June 27, 2010

Hot Sunday with Goonies

Okay, it is hot, and I did watch 'The Goonies' with the kids in the back coming back from the overnight visit to the lovely house on the lovely water sheltered by the North and South Forks of Long Island.

And let's see what is on this memory card:

The North Ferry Building with the lovely hydrangeas,
A granddaughter with a dress and hat made by yours truly,
A Matthew who looks like he is bending backwards, throwing the ball to his Mom
A Mom tossing balls to her son,
An outdoor shower we all use,
A perfect setting to play catch,
a beautiful little girl with gorgeous hydrangeas (that's what mine look like)
Again, gorgeous setting, perfect day....
Oh, yes, I can never resist taking a picture here...
And a little, excuse me, big boy playing DS....
on the ferry on the way home.
(And before anyone gets any funny ideas, we use the shower one at a time.)

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