April 29, 2010

Newark Airport

Matthew just called me.  From Florida.  Would I pick them up?  Sure!  What time, what terminal, what flight number?  Got the information.

They flew to Disney World.  And Jessica called me every day to tell me what she did.
And their mother called this morning to tell me not to worry, they'd get a taxi to pick them up.
After I got done with Matthew, she got on the phone and told me the children were outraged that I wasn't coming.  'What do you mean, Oma is not going to come get us?'
So tonight I'll go to the airport and get them like I had promised.

oh, it feels good to be missed!

Well, after I got gas to go back to the airport later, my car died.  As it happened right in front of a repair shop, someone who used to fix my cars all the time.  So Aunt Nikki is getting the gang.  At least there will be a friendly face!

April 28, 2010

Ellis Island

Living near New York City, but not in it, has advantages.  It's like living near an ocean.  You know it's there, and you can go any time you want to, and that's enough for long stretches of time.  It took me over 30 years to get over the feeling of wanting to stay in NYC one more minute before going home.  And I get that rush still sometimes.  But I am at the stage where I know the city (as much as anyone living in NJ can), know the neighborhoods, can pick where I want to go and what I want to see, and can give visitors choices of where it might be interesting.

One of my very favorite spots is Ellis Island.  Yes, it's a stop on the way to the Statue of Liberty, but it's so very worth it all on it's own.  One of the last times I went there, my co-mother-in-law was along, she'd never been there.  Her parents came through Ellis Island.  She found the records of their journey, the ships manifest with her father's name on it, the ship he came on, she was just floored.
Sidenote:  I have no emotional attachment to Ellis Island, now if they are going to make a museum out of JFK Airport - well, that would be a different story!

Just to get you to think about coming and seeing this terrific museum - the trip on the ferry is worth it alone, with the view of lower Manhattan, fabulous - I'll show (off) a few of my pictures:
Registry Hall, where the hopeful immigrants would sit on wooden benches and wait for their turn to be called.
One of the cupolas from the entrance to the museum.
No, the statue is on another island.  In the front is Ellis Island.
Note to self:  Either find someone to show Ellis Island to, or go by yourself!

Cold Tuesday

Cold Tuesday Wednesday (Thank you, Nicole!)
Well, what an April we had.  So mixed!

It's really cold today.  Would you believe the weatherman told us to wear gloves this morning?!  It wasn't that cold.  I did my walk, checked on the swans, yes, still there, still nesting.  The Canadian geese (honkers) have babies, a saw a couple with two little ones.  The little ones were still small and all yellow, which disappears as they grow bigger.
But it is supposed to be in the 80's on Saturday.  That's a good thing, because Saturday I will be in Mine Hill, at Habitat for Humanity and I'll be selling my bags.  I am curious to see how many I actually will sell.  If you live in the area, just click on the link, it'll bring you to the restore store.

After that I will definitely start selling them on Etsy. 

My son-in-law (Jackson's Dad) will be running/doing a Triathlon.  Here's a shout-out to him, you go, Jackson's Dad!

Jackson was here in the warehouse on Monday.  Someone told me 'there is a little blond boy out front'.  So, I went to see him.  He was running around with a golf club in one hand, and Thomas the train in the other.  We went into his dad's office, since daddy was talking to a customer.  An empty box needed to be played with.  He climbed in, and said 'I'm gonne be Jack-in-the-box!'  Cracked me up.
Does he know he was making a joke?  Or did he just want to play jack-in-the-box?

I have no idea, but it was clever.

My driver's license needed to be renewed.  Yup, means my birthday is around the corner.  While sitting in a room and waiting for number 86 to be called, it occurred to me to shout out 'Happy Birthday'!  Isn't everyone in that room having a birthday either soon, or just had one?  Right?  I didn't, since I didn't want to be carted away by men in white coats.

And I had to bring six points of ID with me.  Driver's license, which they verified four years ago, and supposedly it's a forgery proof license, but no, they needed more stuff!  Naturalization papers, a bill, passport, a jury summons, I dragged it all with me.  And the friendly DMV person asked me if I wanted my photo from 4 years ago.  Can you believe I actually thought I look better today?  What was I thinking?!

Anyway, while I was waiting in line, I got a call from someone I hadn't heard from in ages.  And I missed her.  And I did want to talk to her, and I didn't know how to handle the 'no cell phone' signs all over the place.  So I took the call outside, and chatted for a bit.  Not so good news.  She's sick.  I'm so sorry!
And got another call from a friend in Texas.  That call was great.  All's well there.

April 27, 2010


Time is passing so amazingly fast.

I went to book club last night.  We'd read 'Brooklyn' by Colm Toibin.  It was all right.  The heroine of the book reminded me very much of Angela in 'Angela's Ashes'.  And A. A. was a book I couldn't finish.  The life of Angela bothered me way too much.

But getting together with the book club ladies was fun!  What a great bunch!
The book for next time is picked, and it's 'Helmet for my Pillow' by R. Leckie.  Apparently the ladies knew the author, he lived in this area.

Oh, what was I thinking. .... This morning I walked to and around 'my' pond again.  And I was missing the Statue of Liberty.   No, the statue isn't anywhere near the pond, I just mean I haven't been there in a while.  It's one of my favorite things, to bring new visitors to the statue, or to go there myself.  A big part of that is Ellis Island.  What a great museum!
I just realized, I don't even have photos of my trips there on this laptop.  I'll have to upload them.  One of the book club ladies also asked me to upload the photos of the Chihuly exhibit in the Botanical Garden in the Bronx again.
And while I'm at it, another friend asked for the Brooklyn Bridge pictures.
All right - note to self - upload!

And now I'll write an e-mail to find out some test results.

Note:  The photo I am using as my title photo was taken two years ago from Liberty State Park (the NJ side on the way to the statue).  We were getting out of the car, I looked up and saw the ship.  I ditched the rest of the family and ran to the edge of the water to get the photo.  It also happened to be the Gorch Fock, the show piece of the German Navy, sailing past with amazing speed.
We continued our trip, but never made it to the statue, since the rest of the family got so totally drawn in at Ellis Island.

April 25, 2010

Stash and Stars

Saturday was gorgeous.  Simply beautiful.  So was Friday.  Friday Matthew invited me to his Star Day in school.  Every child in his class has a star day, and it was his turn.  His parents, his sister and I went armed with cookies and the things he wanted to show and talk about.  First we all had to say why Matthew is important to us, and then Matthew gave a presentation and showed an interview he did with his uncle.
Then the class had to sit in a circle and tell what they liked about Matthew.
What a great way to make a child feel important!
His teacher is very sweet and so good with energetic 1st graders.

And yesterday I garage saled with friends, scored two old apothecary  bottles, went to breakfast and then started to go to Jackson's family.  I had to stop at a great garage sale on the way first, where I scored this stash:
No idea what I'll do with it yet, the ideas will come.  I even haggled the price down - wooo hoo!

With Jackson's parents we went to a park, again with a pond (NJ has tons of lakes, ponds, etc.), and joined the hordes that were already there.  Jackson and his Dad brought the bikes:
See the oak trees?  Yes, really out already!  So early....
Not yet three years old he made it twice around the pond.
His mother is fine for the moment, and home with instructions to just carry on.

Today it's rainy, but that's part of it all too.  The plants and flowers are happy! 
I'm off to spend some time with my poor, neglected house, to give it some TLC, and to maybe sew.

To my Anonymous Reader:
I love hearing from you!  I'd love to get in touch with you, if you want - and I will tell you why your first comment affected me the way it did (I have secrets too).

April 23, 2010

feedback, comments, etc.

Sometimes I miss a comment.  And I don't like that.  I have to find out (I'm always hoping for a helpful hint, that's how I learn just about anything), how to turn on the feature that let's me know if someone is leaving a comment.... gotta go back and check in the set-up settings thingie.

Anyway, on my very first post Bine from Austria commented.  And told quite a bit about herself.  Unfortunately she doesn't have a blog and didn't leave an e-mail address.  So Bine, if you are reading this - I love that you commented, and gave so much information about yourself! 

Also, I know that I have a couple German readers.  I will continue to blog in English, first because I live here, in the US, and secondly I try to keep my English as easy and uncomplicated as I can.  No twisty run-on sentences from me.  With the very verb at the end that ties it all up in one neat package. 

And another reason for the English blogging is that I know I have some silent readers, also reading in English.  (it still is weird to write the name of a language in capital letters).

So, I do love to hear from you - anyone - doesn't matter.  Isn't that what blogging is about?  Sure, I can hope that the blog stays in existence until my grandchildren are old enough to read, and hopefully enjoy my blog.  But I may not be around by that time, and who needs comments then? 

Anyway, back to the daily business:  I visited with the mother-to-be last night, she was in good spirits, they kept her in the hospital for one more night.  I took Jackson back to his house with me and spent the night there again.  He slept until shortly before 8 AM!  I guess he needed it, but I needed to get going, since I had to go to work and I am seeing Matthew at a school event later.  Hopefully I'll get to go home tonight, my poor house needs some loving attention.
Oh, and she is fine.  Jackson's Mom.  For the moment. 

April 22, 2010


My friend sent me a few photos of our excursion to PA today.  And here are a few photos:
First one up a picture of the new sewing machine the moment it became mine
and the walk on the old defunct railroad bridge that so freaked Sherri out:
She really was not a happy camper.  I want to walk it again, I want to know where in NJ it ends.
In other news:  I spent the night at Jackson's house.  His mother had to spend the night in the hospital, since she had contractions, and she needs to be checked by Internal Fetal Medicine.  We all think she'll be released today, and maybe put on bed rest.  I hope not yet, maybe just meds, and we'll tie her down and make her rest.
We will definitely not go to MD or DC, no need to rock the boat or be four hours from home.  Some other time!
And only 3 weeks to go and she'll be at the 31 weeks she was with Jackson.  And we know that that turned out well.
I picked Jackson up from daycare, and we went shopping.  I needed underwear and a new t-shirt, since I didn't go home  (note to self, stick a bag with essentials in your car, you neva know!).  While there, Jackson picked out Handy Manny undies for himself too after I convinced him he would need them.

We had scrambled eggs and veggies for supper, and  huge surprise, he ate it!  After I told him I didn't know how to use the jacuzzi bathtub (is it broken?), he relented and took a bath in his.  (with earth day today I didn't think we needed to fill the jacuzzi).  This morning we took our time, I let him watch TV, he watch with me, he played with his toys, then lined them up for his return, and I dropped him off at daycare.
to be continued.........   as soon as I know anything.

So far: one more day in the hospital.  But I AM going home, getting supplies, taking down the laundry from yesterday morning, and then driving back to spend the night in Jackson's house.  No conclusive word on mother/baby yet.

April 21, 2010


What I meant to write down before was that the leaves are really out.  And it's gorgeous.  Even the oaks, which are almost the last ones to appear are there with new shiny light green leaves.  Ususally I can count on the leaves being green and full by the 10th of May - Erika's birthday.  But we are beating all records this year. 
Oh, it's still chilly in the air.  And I wear a fleece, and sweat pants, and socks, and long-sleeve shirts, because it's still cold in the building.  Fine, if you move around, but if you sit, you get chilly.  The windows in the house are still closed, it's a bit too cold, especially at night, to leave them open.  Really the weather is perfect.

The trip this weekend might be cancelled.  we had planned to go to Maryland, but - well, the pregnancy is sort of on the bubble.  If everyone out there keeps thinking positive thoughts, I'm hoping we have another few weeks. 

I feel a change - I am ready for a change in my life.  What, I don't know.  When I spoke to a friend, she asked me to divide my age by 7.  Yup, that works, and I guess it's time!  I am looking forward to it, and can't yet imagine what it could be.


The walk around the pond this morning happened very early.  Leaving the house at the crack of dawn is satisfying.  I try to have enough light to see the bear.  The two deer by the school still managed to surprise me.  I can pass them with 10 feet between us.  Only if I try to step closer and actually talk to them do they disappear.  But only a few steps.  When I came back 20 minutes later, they were still there.  Amazing.  And it would truly be remarkable, but there is a no-hunting-in-areas where people live close together in NJ, so these critters feel mighty safe.  Unless you hit them with a car, not much will happen to them.

There are more people walking around the pond now.  The swans are nesting.  Pretty soon there will be cygnets again, I hope they make it.  There is one Canadian honker who irritates the male swan to no end.  He flies right up to the swan, quacks and quacks, and then the swan goes after him.  Not once, often, several days in a row have I seen that.

I found the email address of an old friend, I'd been looking for it for a long time.  And then it turned out to be easy to find it.  And it was the right one, and I got an answer right away.  Fun.  And her daughter is caught up in the no-fly mess in Europe.  Well, it should be over soon.  I've been paying attention to the air traffic, trying to see if there is a difference that I can see from here.  No, not really.  Yes, I see a lot of planes flying overhead, I live close to a major airport.  But the highway close by makes more noise than the planes.

Hmmm.  Blogging about nothing.  That's what I'm doing.  Anyway, Matthew and Jessica both got good reports from their teachers, they are doing well! 

April 19, 2010


My brother Claus called  me on Friday. 

How come you're not in the middle of this?  he asked.

In the middle of what?

Well, you are usually on the flying somewhere when these things happen!  he said.

And I am so happy I am home.  I was in the air on 9/11, I flew home from Germany knowing there was a hurricane happening on the East Coast, and yes, we did try to land in the middle of it, and then really did, another airport, but land we did.  The canceled flight home, luckily only for a day, this January.

So it was a totally reasonable question.

I am happy I am home.  Grateful.  And I know what the people who are stranded are going through.  And am very happy to be home.  I am actually thinking about driving by the airport and seeing if someone wants to spend their waiting time at my house.  I'm trying to work out the logistics, and if I think it can be done, I'll do it.
Logistics?  Extra car - I don't live close to a bus or train.  It'd be hard to walk with suitcases to the next bus, should the call come to go to the airport.  And so on.

Quick add:  If anyone knows of anyone stuck at Newark Airport, please leave a comment.  I'll go pick them up, offer a shower and a night's sleep in a bed, food, and a ride back to the airport in the morning.  Does that work for anyone?  I have beds for 4, plus a couch, and somehow we can make it work.  Unfortunately only room in the car for 4 more people.

April 18, 2010


My mother-in-law is in her final resting place.  We had the funeral on Saturday and her entire family was there.  It was very nice, with a short service at the cemetery and a lunch-get-together afterward.
My father-in-law held up very well, and was grateful everyone came.

I drove up Friday and spent the weekend with my friend Linda and her father Theodore (Teddy).  Linda, who has also known my mother-in-law for years, and her sister came to the funeral as well.  As always with funerals, one is happy to see the rest of the family, even though it's not the happiest of moments to get together.
And no, there are no photos from this family-event, it just didn't seem the right time.

On the way back to her house, Linda and I stopped at this store, where my mouth dropped open:
I know this company through catalogs, but had never seen one in real life, here you first stop in the door:
Not enough?  How about this, close-up of what I'm afraid of running into in the morning:
this one is stuffed, we have the real thing in the neighborhood.
I was teasing Teddy that I caught a fish and he didn't - fishing season started in Connecticut on Saturday, and every brook, little stream, pond and lake was busy with fishermen.
And here something I've never seen in Germany:
Guns and rifles for sale.  From the simplest gun all the way up to antique pieces, the most expensive rifle I saw was $20,000 - twenty thousand Dollars!!!
And then I took a dive into the past.  I hadn't been back in East Hartford, where my husband's grandparents lived, for at least 30 years.  But since it was close, I had Linda drive by, here a typical New England Congregational church, where my parents-in-law where married, my mother-in-law confirmed:
And then the real blast from the past, I wanted to see if my grandparents in law's house was still there, and yes it is, but not the same:
It looks different now, it had a gate, and a garden, and a grape arbor in the back.  My grand-father in law used to take the tomato seeds from tomatoes that were used in a salad, or just eaten, and dry them, and then start seedlings in the spring on the porch....

Last night we went to a tavern on the Connecticut/Rhode Island border, about an hour away, and ate there:
And it was very good!  I had the fried clams, New England Style, with the bellies attached.
Oh, so fattening, and oh, so good.  With sweet potato french fries and cole slaw.

April 16, 2010


The bench I bought on Saturday was picked up yesterday by my son-in-law and me.  And Jackson, of course!  I was a little apprehensive that the bench would not fit/look good.  It is fine!  I like it a lot, and up to four adults can sit on it comfortably, and how many kids?  I don't know, we'll find out!
And this is what it looks like in an un-straightened-up dining area:
It doesn't even look big, but is, it's a long bench.  I like it a lot, it matches my furniture in color.  I've never been able to let go of the mahogany color in my life, since we got my husband's grandparents dining room set, which we got way back in 1977 or 78, and  which is now in my oldest daughter's house.  And my husband's grandparents bought it used in 1944 or 45, so you know that set is old.  Anyway, I got used to that style/color furniture, and seem to be drawn to it when looking.  I tried to go the new trend, which is white, but it just doesn't have the same appeal to me, and that too, will get 'old'.  My kitchen is white, so is my bathroom, I just can't bring myself to go white in other rooms.
Love colors.  Love the combination pink and light blue.  If it has roses on top of it, I'm gone.

I got to spend a little time with Jackson, and, as always, I adore hanging out with little guys.  Too funny.

April 15, 2010

Art explained

In the post before last, I mentioned art in the title.  And then promptly forgot to explain.

Jessica is taking pop art classes at a local museum.  And Tuesday was the first day.  Since her mom sometimes can't tell if the bus will deliver her on time, I bring her to the museum, and then mom joins us.

Jessie had a great time, and will go back next week.  All I saw was a large paper with lots of pink and purple on it, and we had to leave it because it had to dry.

Her mother and I had a nice long chat about different stuff waiting for the young artist.

How fun to do those kinds of things with the little ones!

Yesterday we went to watch Matthew play soccer.  The weather was perfect, I brought a book, but watched the kids instead.  And Jessica and I just hung out until it was over.

April 14, 2010


It's my little brother's birthday this morning:

Happy Birthday, Thomas!
Herzliche Glueckwuensche zum Geburtstag!

isn't he cute?  (I'm sorry, Thomas, you are!)
Last year I helped him celebrate.  And it was great!  It's a beautiful area of Germany he lives in with his wife and son.  And so romantic!  With horses, in an old restored farmhouse with a big barn:
Anyway, Happy Birthday to one of the best brothers ever!
Love you, Thomas!
(quick edit:  it's his birthday all day, I'm sure I'd hear from him, if I didn't correct this)

April 13, 2010


I slept too long this morning.  There was no time to do my walk, take a shower and eat breakfast.  I have no idea why a woman living by herself needs two hours in the morning!  I used to cope with three children, up to three cats and the usual morning craziness with ease.  What happened?
I always liked mornings, liked it when the kids were still sleeping, and I was the only one up.  I'd have my coffee, either in the kitchen or out on the deck if the weather was nice, and just enjoy the peacefulness of knowing everyone was safe, healthy and well in the same house.  And to say that first 'good morning' to whomever was up first, and start the day - the best.

Everyone is fine.  This weekend we will go to Connecticut and be there for the internment of my mother-in-law.  So there will be a solemn celebration of her life.  I will visit over the weekend with my very best friend in Connecticut, see her 90-year-old father, visit with her sister, and then see all my family on this side of the pond at the cemetery, we will say hi to their father at his final resting place.

Here at home I'm working on a seat cover of a chair I rescued, and pick-up a bench I bought at the re-store of Habitat for Humanity.  That bench is for my dining room, I will put it against the wall, and I envision all the grandchildren piling on in the back.  I am making a cover for that as well, and will post pictures as soon as I get it.

Today as I was passing the front of my house on the way to work I noticed a package in front.  So I backed up, wondering - I hadn't ordered anything.....
It was a prize from All my Yesterdays, a wonderful red diffuser, with the most wonderful scent, thank you so much, Vicki!  And I never win anything!  What a great surprise.

PS - I skipped the walk, and did the other two.

April 9, 2010

A little scare

My middle daughter called me yesterday.  Would I mind picking up her munchkin, she and her husband were meeting her doctor to check out her unborn.  She was having some contractions, and after the difficult pregnancy last time, she wanted to make sure everything was all right.  (And it was).

So off I go to get Jackson.  I get to daycare, he acknowledges that I'm there, and continues playing.  When his caretaker told him, I was there to get him, he questioned me.  He is not yet 3 years old!  Where is mommy, she is picking him up.  No, mommy can't come.  Where is daddy?  Daddy is with mommy and they asked me to get him.  Only then did he agree to go with me. 
He showed me where his things were, and as we were getting in the car, he wanted to know if we were picking up the cousins.  No, not this time!

We went to his house, and played with the dog.  That is, I tried throwing things to the dog, but he wanted to hold them all.  Ball, stick, didn't matter.  Then we dug in the garden.  The rhubarb is coming up nicely, the strawberry plants are still alive, and the sage and thyme are coming back. 

Then came the parents, and the other grandma, and we ate together.  Pork chops on the grill, potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil, spinach and broccoli.  And strawberries and cream for dessert.  Good!

Would you believe, I forgot to say good-bye to him?  I felt so bad!  I must have thought he'd gone to bed, I can't think of another explanation.  He called me, and we said bye, byes on the phone.

April 8, 2010

Reading List

The week is going by unbelievably fast.  The last couple of days were very warm.  Yesterday even hot, although it didn't feel like August, it wasn't as humid.

I read every day.  Lots of times just out of habit and I read a lot of books just because I read.  I'm also sort of in a reading club - sort of because lots of times I manage not to find the book that's on deck.

This time I found 'Brooklyn' by Colm Toibin in time, and I am reading it right alongside 'American Gods' by Neil Gaiman.  The Neil Gaiman I picked up because another blog recommended it.  The writer of the other blog is a devoted fan of Neil Gaiman, and I found it at the Goodwill store and thought I give it a try. 

I'm not far enough into either book (thank you Claus, for teaching me it's allowed to read more than one book at the same time!) to give an opinion.  I am, however further into the Neil Gaiman than I am into the other.  I am curious to see where the story is going.

I think I started my reading habit because I was so excited to be able to read.  I still remember that.  And I still remember the first book I read 'Lieselluempchen', from our tiny village library.
And we didn't get a TV until I was 13 years old.  Can you imagine?!
I love TV now, although it's mostly just on, I do a lot of other things while watching TV.
And I tried to give my children TV-free time, we went to Germany every other year, and had a vacation within a vacation.  We went to Switzerland a few times while visiting my folks.  I still remember my daughter reading 'Heidi' (in English) while we were driving up and down the mountain passes in Switzerland.

The funniest part about our Germany visits?  The kids still remember seeing Elvis movies in German.  And some bog monster, also in German.

edit:  The Swamp Thing.  That's what it was called.

April 5, 2010


I actually made it in a photo!
And this was our Easter. With home-made place cards, desserts, champagne toasts, playing catch, ring-around-the-rosies, Easter egg hunt, and admiring a pregnant tummy.

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April 2, 2010


As I was on my walk this morning, which I still started a little too late, it was already getting light, I stopped and took this photo:
The moon looked just so beautiful reflected in the pond.  This is one view of the little pond I walk around most mornings.
And below is the view from the other side, facing East.  The sunrises aren't that gorgeous yet, it gets light way before the sun comes up over the Horizon.
This is my new sewing machine.  It works great!  I am really happy with it.

And this is more material I bought when I was out in PA last weekend.  Since we won't know what the new baby will be until it's here, I need to be prepared!
And some little bags I made to be sold on the 1st of May, or at least offered, hopefully to be sold.
The top ones I made at work with a commercial machine, since I'm sewing through the paper backing of the material, and it's heavy upholstery material.  The bottom ones I made with the new sewing machine.  The applicays I got from a friend years ago, and she found them in her mother's belongings - so they are vintage, which is cool.
Have a very happy Easter, everybody!

April 1, 2010

Green Thursday

Green Thursday is what this Thursday is called in Germany.  My mother would make spinach and eggs with potatoes, which used to be my favorite meal for ages.  I still love the combination.  Easter in Germany is 4 days long, Good Friday is a holiday, and everything is closed.  I mean everything!  Then Saturday and Sunday of course, and Monday is a holiday as well.
The last time I spent Easter in Germany my father was sick.  And it was very hard for me to spend those four days cooped up in the house, with hardly any diversion.  My folks lived on the outskirts of a village, nothing going on in town, no stores, and then everything was closed.  Oh, I just realized that's not true.
Last Easter I was in Germany!  I arrived on Friday, and I spent it with my little brother and his family in the South of Germany.  That was lovely.  We even attended Easter Services at an American church, in English.  Tell me that's not strange.

Anyway, I did meet my friends for sushi last night.  And it was lovely.  We laughed, almost immediately, about silly stuff, we interrupted each other constantly while trying to catch up, we listened to the accomplishments of each others children, which range in age from almost 40 to a baby about to be born.  One of our group is a scout leader, who told us about a trip to the Adirondacks with the scouts where he built his own igloo.  We couldn't believe it!  Yes, he was warm in it, he said.  Would he do it again?  He didn't think so.  And his kids are also adults.  One in our little group told us about her son, who was the technical teacher of the year in the State of New Jersey.  Woohoo!  And she'll be a grandma for the first time.   (And no, she's not the one pregnant!)
That wold be the youngest member of the group.  A lovely young lady, she'll have her third son this summer, a total surprise.  She had us in stitches, telling us how she thought - was convinced - she was dying of some god-awful disease, when it turned out to be nothing, her husband and her celebrated - and well, you get it.

Jessica and I made place cards for  Easter dinner yesterday afternoon, after I picked her up at school.  We had fun, and worked on them for an hour and a half.  Here is where I found them:
It's a German website, a cartoonist  is having a 'giveaway' drawing, to be downloaded and printed.
Thank you, Claus Ast!
We had a lot of fun, and I will take a picture of them.  Of course, the 5-year-old's place cards are much prettier than mine!

Hm, and no spinach in my day, I don't think.

Oh, and it's supposed to be a lovely day here in New Jersey.  We do need it, did you all hear about the floods in Rhode Island?  I saw a woman on TV this morning saying she had fish in her basement.  Fish in her basement?  (maybe she can catch them and have them for Good Friday dinner -----  that's mean...)

Hopefully we'll dry out!