April 13, 2010


I slept too long this morning.  There was no time to do my walk, take a shower and eat breakfast.  I have no idea why a woman living by herself needs two hours in the morning!  I used to cope with three children, up to three cats and the usual morning craziness with ease.  What happened?
I always liked mornings, liked it when the kids were still sleeping, and I was the only one up.  I'd have my coffee, either in the kitchen or out on the deck if the weather was nice, and just enjoy the peacefulness of knowing everyone was safe, healthy and well in the same house.  And to say that first 'good morning' to whomever was up first, and start the day - the best.

Everyone is fine.  This weekend we will go to Connecticut and be there for the internment of my mother-in-law.  So there will be a solemn celebration of her life.  I will visit over the weekend with my very best friend in Connecticut, see her 90-year-old father, visit with her sister, and then see all my family on this side of the pond at the cemetery, we will say hi to their father at his final resting place.

Here at home I'm working on a seat cover of a chair I rescued, and pick-up a bench I bought at the re-store of Habitat for Humanity.  That bench is for my dining room, I will put it against the wall, and I envision all the grandchildren piling on in the back.  I am making a cover for that as well, and will post pictures as soon as I get it.

Today as I was passing the front of my house on the way to work I noticed a package in front.  So I backed up, wondering - I hadn't ordered anything.....
It was a prize from All my Yesterdays, a wonderful red diffuser, with the most wonderful scent, thank you so much, Vicki!  And I never win anything!  What a great surprise.

PS - I skipped the walk, and did the other two.

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