March 29, 2012

No Time

Monday we came back from Atlanta.


This weekend we're going back to MA, to pick up the last things, because the house is sold.

Georgia was terrific, we packed in a lot of stuff, some of it I'll show later, but here is a teaser:

Matching the approaching Easter celebration.
I saw those eggs and I was a goner.
They are so beautiful, one could put them as a decoration on the Easter table.

All right, move along, I have no more time!

March 20, 2012

More hiking, more outdoors

To come home to a bouquet of flowers, saying happy first year, with a great smile, really made me feel great.
We had Matthew and Jessica stay overnight, while their parents celebrated St. Paddy's with friends.  We made tacos and guacamole, which, made by M, is Jessica's favorite.  We rushed, since we also decided to go to the movies and see 'The Lorax'.  What a good idea, to take the kids to the movies (and may I take a moment to complain how expensive it is to go to the movies?!), and feed them any treat they want?  They loved it!
Sunday we had a hike on the agenda.  So off we went, taking a marked trail to the Hawk Watch.  Jessica was our fearless leader, checking for the marks and marching us at a clip we poor old people could barely keep up with.
At a couple of points in the hike she even carried a backpack!
 At Hawk Watch the kids put bird seeds on their hands and patiently waited for birds to come get food.  Oh, and this is in the middle of the woods, not a place where you'd expect birds to land on your hand.
 One has to be very fast with the camera to catch a bird landing on a hand,  and the kids were so good at waiting!  A bird landed on Jessica's hand, but she wasn't amused, she wanted to know if we saw it's claws!

But Matthew was lucky.  A chickadee (and if you think it's another bird, please let me know), landed on his hand several times!  He was thrilled.  As was the photographer, M, who said he pressed the shutter when he saw the bird leaving the tree - a great shot!

 And yes, we made a little fire.  And grilled hot dogs.  How cool is that for a nine-year-old?  The kids loved it.  As did we!  I can't wait for more adventures in the woods...

 By the beaver den...  And yes, we were waiting for them to fall in....

March 19, 2012

Weekend report

Over the weekend we watched Jackson and Evan.  We took them to our favorite hiking park, where we just stayed by a lake.  Of course within the first 15 minutes Evan walked right into the lake.  Luckily I had brought an extra pair of shoes with us, no socks, though!  Both boys survived the trip, and had a good time.
 When we were at the Crayola Factory last weekend, I bought colored bubbles for the kids, thinking they'd have fun with that.  Yes, they did, I forgot that almost two-year-olds want to do everything themselves.  Hence the bubble stuff ended up in Evan's face.

 Jackson climed the HUGE boulders that were around our spot.  He hid from us, and we had to go find him.  What fun it was for him!

And how big the boys are getting, Jackson will start school in the fall, he is quite ready for it.

March 9, 2012

Telephone toys

Good morning!  It's Friday, yeah!

My daughter got an award yesterday, and I am so proud of her!  She called me and told me all about it.  It's my daughter-in-law's birthday today, and I called her yesterday, thinking it was then.  I do that, I don't pay attention to the calendar at all.  So:  Happy Birthday, Sue!

Yesterday was warm, but very windy.  

I downloaded a new app for my droid, it's called FX camera, and I'm sure you droid/android owners all have it already, played with it, and un-installed it.  Well, it's new to me!

And I'm sharing:
The cat at work.  We think she's pregnant.

 The street at work.  Not impressive, I know - polaroid effect, and one can pick one's color, I think it's cool.
This one was this morning, I forgot the effect, storm clouds, which disappeared, over the pond.
 And without any effect, above is the antique wood mill from the outside.  I work in one side, in a small room, in the building
 And my christmas/lenten roses.  The above - I was going to say I got from my mother, but no, I didn't, I bought it here.  The one below I've had for many years and it blooms, and blooms, I love it!

March 8, 2012


The last couple of days I've been walking.  It was cold!  Thinking it's almost spring, I didn't wear a hat, and my face and ears were freezing and numb.
I fully intended to walk this morning, but I got sidetracked when I brought the garbage can in.  The leaves from the winter winds were just stuck in all the dead and green coming plants, and cried out to be removed.  I did remember to wear gardening gloves, which I often don't when the moment strikes me.

The snow drops are blooming and I have a lot of them.  I will have to remember to spread out the bulbs some more before fall, it's so pretty.

The birds are loving the peanuts I throw out in the morning.  They turn up their noses at the fancy seeds I put in the feeder, but unshelled peanuts they love!  The blue jays, the crows, and the small birds are right there almost as soon as I close the door behind me.

I gotta go!  Traffic is waiting for me....

March 1, 2012


That would be me.  I just ! figured out how to download the photos off my android.  Although in my defense, I never really thought about it.  But what a world opened up!  The funny (to me at the moment) photos can now easily be shared.  And I much rather spend time doing that then actually cleaning the house.  Yes, I made some attempt at closets, and found a folder I talked my mother out of many years ago.  I thought it was lost, it was a map of Durer reproductions that were printed in Germany to celebrate Durer's 400th birthday.  In 1928.  Well, now that I talked about it I may as well take pictures and share those as well

My mother's handwriting, the folder is still in the cardboard envelope she made:

 The folder, the cover sheet

 Unfortunately I cannot turn the photos, so you'll have to google 
you'll get a better view of the scope of his art.
And yes, I visit 'him' any time I'm in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

My favorite, framed.