March 19, 2012

Weekend report

Over the weekend we watched Jackson and Evan.  We took them to our favorite hiking park, where we just stayed by a lake.  Of course within the first 15 minutes Evan walked right into the lake.  Luckily I had brought an extra pair of shoes with us, no socks, though!  Both boys survived the trip, and had a good time.
 When we were at the Crayola Factory last weekend, I bought colored bubbles for the kids, thinking they'd have fun with that.  Yes, they did, I forgot that almost two-year-olds want to do everything themselves.  Hence the bubble stuff ended up in Evan's face.

 Jackson climed the HUGE boulders that were around our spot.  He hid from us, and we had to go find him.  What fun it was for him!

And how big the boys are getting, Jackson will start school in the fall, he is quite ready for it.

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  1. Kind of sad how fast they grow. But so awesome that we can spend time with them. I get two of mine for a sleep over on Saturday. Enjoy your happiness Ruth:)