May 30, 2009


On the way home from staying overnight at the middle child's house, I started my treasure hunt. I love garage sales! The first one was in a home of the 91-year old woman. Unfortunately the second day already, but there were still treasures to be had. Three bags of bindings, trims, etc. at 50 cents each bag! An old kitchen scale for $1, and a blue and white small soup terrine with a saucer for $7 - I was so thrilled. A couple of yard sales later, I found 10 yards of drapery material, and some toys for various g'children.

May 29, 2009

Morning Walk

This morning I was looking for the swans, but I found only one. The photos are from yesterday, when I managed to get a quick picture without the flash of the babies, I was trying not to startle them.

It was rainy this morning, and I was the only one walking, none of the regulars were there. I finally spotted the other swan in the nest, I think she thought the weather was just too ugly to take the little ones out.

May 28, 2009


It was foggy this morning when I took my walk. I got close to the swans, although they were a bit hidden. It seemed like they wanted to protect their babies - it's three cygnets - when I got close, they were hiding behind some tall weeds next to the pond.
I did bring the camera and you can check the photos below.
I will be taking my granddaughter to gymnastics, for only having started it, she is doing well. It is a struggle, though, to get her to go to her class, she claims she doesn't want to do the warm-up. Fine, I say, until she gets her courage together and joins the rest of them.

We spent the weekend on Shelter Island, which was lovely, as usual.
I ran in the mornings, on Saturday it was just great, a breeze blowing, and the smell - just wonderful. Freshly mowed grass and those bushes with small yellow flowers, they don't look special at all - I'll have to find out what they are called. Plus the honeysuckle is blooming, it's just amazing.
Then garage sales. Which I love. Yes, I found a couple of treasures, six soup plates 'Blue Willow', some sea charts for my son, and some books.
The pleasure is in looking, being excited at the prospect of finding something just wonderful, and wanting to hurry to get to the next one.
I will be going hunting again this weekend... not that I need anything!

May 22, 2009


The swans have babies. This morning, when I was making my usual round to and then around a small pond - 3/4 mile around - I noticed that the swans cygnets have slipped out of their eggs. Up until this morning, the momma swan sat on the nest, which was carefully fenced in on one side by the bourough, while the daddy swan was looking for food. Although, as far as I know, they switched off, it's hard to tell with swans who is the mom and who the dad!
Anyway, the happy family was proudly gliding on the pond. From what I could tell, they had four babies. The couple who walks as early as I do was admiring as well, with the husband taking pictures with his cell phone. The cygnets looked big already, I was amazed. And they are 'newborns', I'm sure, since yesterday the swan was still brooding.
It will be interesting to see the family next week. They looked so serene and happy to be together. The Canadian Honker Geese family has been there a while, with three gooslings, I carefully stay on they other side of the path, with the male eying me, to make sure I don't come close.

May 21, 2009

I promised myself not to touch my blog until I stopped talking about the weather. That's so boring! Everyone knows what the weather is like where they are. So here I am - it's finally hot!

Monday is Memorial Day, and I am going to Shelter Island, NY with my daughter, her husband, and Matthew and Jessica (kids). It's just beautiful out there, I haven't been there in the summer for a while, and it'll be fun.
hmm, I don't know how to copy and paste the map!

I am running off now, I'll get Jackson, my other grandson, from daycare, and surprise his mom.