May 28, 2009


It was foggy this morning when I took my walk. I got close to the swans, although they were a bit hidden. It seemed like they wanted to protect their babies - it's three cygnets - when I got close, they were hiding behind some tall weeds next to the pond.
I did bring the camera and you can check the photos below.
I will be taking my granddaughter to gymnastics, for only having started it, she is doing well. It is a struggle, though, to get her to go to her class, she claims she doesn't want to do the warm-up. Fine, I say, until she gets her courage together and joins the rest of them.

We spent the weekend on Shelter Island, which was lovely, as usual.
I ran in the mornings, on Saturday it was just great, a breeze blowing, and the smell - just wonderful. Freshly mowed grass and those bushes with small yellow flowers, they don't look special at all - I'll have to find out what they are called. Plus the honeysuckle is blooming, it's just amazing.
Then garage sales. Which I love. Yes, I found a couple of treasures, six soup plates 'Blue Willow', some sea charts for my son, and some books.
The pleasure is in looking, being excited at the prospect of finding something just wonderful, and wanting to hurry to get to the next one.
I will be going hunting again this weekend... not that I need anything!

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