October 7, 2013

First anniversary

Well, it's been a while.  I've been busy.  With birthdays, sewing, working, just living.  I won't try to recreate the lost weeks, I'll jump right in with this weekend.  It was our first anniversary, so we are no longer newly weds. It still feels newly we'd, though, and so very special.  We spend a lot of time together, since we work and live together.  And it's so great, I've been alone such a long time, I still have trouble realizing I'm part of a couple.

As my better half would say: enough with the mushy stuff!

We went away, back to the bed and breakfast inn we went to last year, near Monticello, NY, which also happens to be close to Bethel Woods, which is the site of Woodstock in 1969.  Michael actually was there, back then, I had wanted to go, but my then husband was an MP, and it was totally out of the question that we go.... Oh, all such a long time ago.  And no, we didin't go to yhe site, we went last year, and never even bothered to visit the museum.

No, we went back to our lovely hiking spot from last year, the Neversink Gorge.  We went for a five plus mile long hike, which was lovely, except for the fog and drizzle the entire hike.  No, it was not cold at all, just humid and wet.
And we saw wildlife!  A porcupine in a tree, lots of toads, a chipmunk, and, drumroll: we startled or woke up a bear.  Really close to us, I didn't even get to see it, just heard it rustle, and run off, and Michael just saw it really close up for a couple seconds.  It scared us, and there was no chance to even grab a camera, although that was the first thing I thought of.

The mystical woods, it really did look like a fairy tale forest.

Beautiful, with the fall colors

A sign forest we came across after supper
Home today.  To a rainy day with tornado warnings, but luckily we only had rain.