March 26, 2009


Today I walked all my 10,000 steps. Yes, it's only 3 pm and I'm done! I guess now I could just sit back and have someone wheel me around.
But I think I'll go for the extra steps, since it means calories!

I finished my purse today. It came out cute, but I'm not happy with the way the sewing machine handles (p)leather. Some puckers, and some gathering of the stitches on the bottom. Hmm. But other than that, it's just fine!

Here is what's going on in my garden....

March 20, 2009

Friday --- I got up this morning, got dressed and opened the door to take my 6 AM walk - I was so surprised! It was snowing! Big, fat flakes coming down without a sound... it looked amazing. I wanted to turn around and grab the camera, but didn't want to change my plans for the walk quite yet, I promised myself I'd take pictures after I was done. But, of course, it stopped snowing by the time I came back.
Sometimes it's just lovely to have it as a memory, and not the whole technical thing with the pictures. I so enjoyed the beginning of spring and my day - 6 AM in NJ in March means it's still dark outside.
Spring is on the way, the snow drops are blooming and the Lenten Roses/Christmas Roses are finally showing what they can do. Daffodils will be next, a few crocus survived the voracious deer. I saw the deer family this morning too, about 6 of them, the amazing thing is I can get as close as 6 feet before they decide they had enough.
Tomorrow I will help my daughter and her husband start a garden. Peas and onions go in the ground now, nothing else - or?

March 19, 2009

Thursday already. My. Raining here in NJ, and spring is making us wait for it. Really, really wait for it.
Day is almost over. I've been thinking of Natasha Richardson's family and what they must be going through. So tough. A 45-year-old woman is not supposed to die of a silly fall while learning to ski....
They will miss her.

March 17, 2009

My old clock is keeping very good time. It was given to my parents years ago by a neighbor - my father died almost 14 years ago, and, to my knowledge, never had the clock working. After my mother passed away 4 years ago this summer, I got my little brother to bring the clock with household goods from Germany. Inside the clock was a level. I called my other brother and thanked him for being thoughtful enough to provide a level, he assured me it wasn't him who added the level - I guess my Dad must have left it inside years and years ago! He was given the clock by a neighbor who was in her high 80's and was leaving her house to go to a retirement home.

The clock didn't work for me either, until my son and his wife moved in with me for a week or so before they were able to take home their premie baby boy to their new home in Maryland. Well, one night while waiting to go back to the NICU to visit the baby, my son asked if he could check the clock mechanism. Sure, I said, as long as he didn't break anything. My son was actually able to get the clock to start - the pendelum started moving.... it worked! Lousy time, but it worked!

Since then, the clock and I have been getting to know each other. I am figuring out how long I can let it run before I have to wind it, and how tight I have to wind it, how much I get to set it ahead of the real time, and so on. The clock is rewarding me by keeping better and better time. I think of my parents when I hear it 'ding' in the middle of the night - this is a serious wall clock, no messing around and quiet little noises, even in the middle of the night.

March 16, 2009

Storm King visit

This was last year - my cousin from Germany visited with her husband, and as a treat, we took them to Storm King, a sculpture meadow in New York State, about an hour north of NYC. A lovely place to visit, and we happened to be there at the peak of the fall season.

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March 15, 2009

Welcome to my blog! I am having a lazy Sunday, enjoying my day off, no kids, no grandchildren, no plans - the total difference from my usual days.

I am a grandmother of four little ones, the mother of three wonderful happy adults, who are all married to - and this sounds cliche but isn't - wonderful people. Yes, sometimes there are differences, but we all remember we are a family and work hard at keeping our relationships happy.

The 'Oma' part in my blog is the German word for grandmother, or Gramdma. I am born and raised in Germany, and after living almost 40 years here in this country, my accent still gets picked up and mentioned. I grew up in the Rhine River area, on the left side, between Bingen and Koblenz. My personal opinion is that it is one of the more beautiful areas of Germany... but then it's home.

The New Jersey part is because I live, you guessed it, in NJ. In Northern New Jersey. Yes, you all can joke about it, but I love it. It looks very much like the area I grew up in, hills, curves, snow, rain, hot sometimes, and straight forward.

Today is a mellow, almost spring-warm day here, I went for my walk and am making a corned beef with cabbage in the crock pot (slow cooker now), for a friend of mine and myself.

Enjoy your day!