March 20, 2009

Friday --- I got up this morning, got dressed and opened the door to take my 6 AM walk - I was so surprised! It was snowing! Big, fat flakes coming down without a sound... it looked amazing. I wanted to turn around and grab the camera, but didn't want to change my plans for the walk quite yet, I promised myself I'd take pictures after I was done. But, of course, it stopped snowing by the time I came back.
Sometimes it's just lovely to have it as a memory, and not the whole technical thing with the pictures. I so enjoyed the beginning of spring and my day - 6 AM in NJ in March means it's still dark outside.
Spring is on the way, the snow drops are blooming and the Lenten Roses/Christmas Roses are finally showing what they can do. Daffodils will be next, a few crocus survived the voracious deer. I saw the deer family this morning too, about 6 of them, the amazing thing is I can get as close as 6 feet before they decide they had enough.
Tomorrow I will help my daughter and her husband start a garden. Peas and onions go in the ground now, nothing else - or?

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