July 31, 2010


Yesterday I had the glorious idea to call my friend Sherri, who has been wanting to go back to PA and visit the sewing machine store.  Well, she was ready to go, the store was open until 7 PM, and off we went.  I took along something I found at a garage sale, a Janome Overlock/Serger, which looked brand-new.  In the heat of the hunt at the sale ($15), I forgot to look if everything was included, only to find out at home, that the power cord with the foot pedal was missing.  I ordered one (here open the car window, throw out money, same effect), that totally didn't work.
So I brought the machine along, not willing to believe it was junk. 
Lovely ride to PA, it takes us about 45 minutes to get there.  Well, my machine works!  I bought another footpedal/power cord combination used, and was thrilled.  While I was there, I added to the fabric stash and got more feet for my other sewing machine.

Sherri, however, ended up buying a brand-new machine!  Her Singer totally bit the dust, it never worked to begin with.  So now we'll have to find time to practice.
After my garage sale hunt this morning (ah, a couple of things, found two more carafes, a bunch of books and two plates of the 'blue willow', I sat down and practiced more sewing.  Yeah, I know - but anyone who sews will agree that there is ALWAYS something to learn. 

Oh, and Sherri signed BOTH of us up for sewing lessons at the store next Saturday.  Figure the least I can do after talking her into buying a well, rather expensive sewing machine.

I had a long chat with my cousin, who just returned from a 2-week cruise in Europe with her husband.  I can't wait for those photos! 

And I will see my youngest grandson later today.  The parents are going out to dinner, and grandmas are on deck to babysit. 

Enjoy your weekend!

July 28, 2010


A friend and I wanted to go to the movies last night, btw, it drives me crazy when people do the 'me and my friend' - doesn't anyone lean/teach anymore that it's the other person first, then the 'I'???  And people who went to college!   My goodness, how did they make it through school?!  English has to be a 'must' subject?

Anyway, ALL the movies were sold out until 10 PM, which is way to late for us working folks.  So we went home and rented 'The girl with the dragon tattoo'.  I have to say, despite the subtitles, I enjoyed it.  We didn't manage to finish it (old people, have to go to bed early), but we made it about 2 hours in.  Some of the stuff from the book is missing, obviously, but it does follow the story.  I enjoyed seeing an unknown actress as Lisbeth Salander, it makes it so much more believable. 

And I heard this morning, that - I actually will have to look up his name - he was one of the 007 actors - will play Michael Bloomquist in the American version.  Which I think is sad.  Why can't the Swedish version be the only one?  Are the actors not good enough?  Is it because they don't speak English in the movie?  And of course dubbing is out of the question, not with the industry the way it is....  too bad.

I'm kind of at lose ends at the moment, I don't have a book to really get into. 

Update on mother and baby:  both are well, fine, great.  Baby makes a lot of noise, according to the Dad, whom I just spoke with.  And Dad and big brother are well too. 
So I am sitting back, relaxing.  A pregnancy and a newborn without major stress or issues is truly something wonderful.  And after the last two little ones something we all aren't used to.

Let's all hope that things stay this way!

Weather: hot and humid.
I walked this morning.

July 25, 2010


Hot again today.  But with a thunderstorm, the thunderstorm warning, and all those goodies.

My son is instate over the weekend.  He stopped by last night, and will be here in a little while.
We'll go together to visit the baby.
And, of course, his parents, and brother.

And we'll share a pizza and then we'll go home again.

How nice it is when we all get together to admire the new member in the family.

Who is well, eating, sleeping and pooping.

Just doing his job.

July 23, 2010


Boah,  just when I'm at the very end of my rope, thinking there never will be another order to keep me going, and Linda, who works with me is on vacation, - yup, you guessed it:

The orders started pooring in!

And, as is usual in a case like that, everyone wants everything as soon as possible.

So, what should I be?  First, relieved.
And relieved a little more.
And then, OMG, what should I do first?!
I have to cut, I have to get things to the printer.
I have to sew.

Well, I got another reprieve.
And that's great.

Enjoy your weekend!

Edit:  Just after I pushed 'publish post' I got another order.
Do I hope for it to stop?  Slow down?  Nah, I vote for keep going.

July 22, 2010

Baseball game

Last night was the annual baseball game between our local channel 7 ABC News and WPLJ, our favorite radio station at a local college.  I like to go with the kids and family, it's a night out, and we never stay long enough to be bored.  The last time we went two years ago, when the weatherman blew out his Achilles tendon.  He stayed at the game, and came out in crutches, to show the viewers that he was all right, and would see his doc in the morning.
Well, he broadcast the weather for the next couple of weeks from his back yard.  It was very funny, he had the neighbors visit, and so on.

Then there was a one-year break in the charity game, and it was back on last night.

And there are photos of us having a brush with fame:

Erika with Lori Stokes, Bill Evans, the weatherman is to the left,
Matthew with Joe Torez, one of the local channel reporters, oh, and I'm peeking in from behind!
Bill Evans signing his picture for Matthew

Jessica eating ice cream,
Michelle Charlesworth was there with her baby, so was early morning news anchor Ken Rosatto, and a line waiting to get their autograph.
And the baseball game:
Who won?  Not important.  It was a good time, we left way before it ended, since kids had to take showers and go to bed for yet another hot activity filled day.

July 20, 2010

New Baby, and it's hot

The heat is still on here on the East Coast.  Compared to last year, this year is a bear.  Hot, humid, extended periods of heat.... oh, well, we'll have snow soon enough.

The new little family is doing all right.

I spent the night unexpectedly from Sunday to Monday.
But here they are:

That's the best.

July 18, 2010


I haven't any.  Time.  I am admiring a new baby and trying to help a new Mom out. 
And it's very special and wonderful.  And I get to hold a newborn, and smell his newborn smell.
And I got to spend time with Noah, and admire him dancing the macarena.  Too funny!  He was trying  to keep up with the big kids at a party.  And did pretty well too!

And I'm trying to keep up with Jackson, who has a three-year-old's energy.  And wants to be entertained.

It'll get better and into a routine and I'll miss it.

In the meantime, be well, and take care - I'll be back soon with more.

July 17, 2010


And we have a new addition to the family, little Evan.  He is just gorgeous, and a whopping 8 pounds, 5 ounces (3775 g).  Mother and child are well, and so is the proud grandma.  His Dad and brother are ultra-excited, and he'll be going home today.
And here he is:

July 13, 2010

Random thoughts

The humidity is 20 percent higher here then in Germany.  I have the weather programmed into my iGoogle, home (in NJ), work (30 mins away), the little town I grew up in (in Germany) and where my  little brother lives now (also in Germany).  And the temperatures are about the same, except the humidity is 20 percent higher here.

I've been reading some German blogs, where they recommend hanging wet towels or sheets in front of the windows to keep it cool.  Well, doesn't work when the humidity is high!  Wet air we have enough of, we don't want more.  Then only airconditioning helps, or maybe the dehumidifier, and that really only in the basement.

(American readers, please indulge me, I know you know all this).

And fans.  Lots of them.  With the airconditioners I want fans.  Lovely, cool air.  Some German visitors tried to tell me that it was just an illusion, having the air blown about, and that it actually made it hotter.  No sirreee babadoo!  I love my fans.

And it's raining at the moment - more humidity.  Which is a good thing.  Everything was all dry.

I saw the fox the other day, when I was walking toward 'my' pond early in the morning.  He took a peek at me, and then withdrew.  He is light red/brown at this time.  The swans are childless again.  No luck with babies.  So sad.

And Jessica liked everything I made her.  We discussed length of garnments, straps, and she told me her ideas, and I went home, and executed said ideas.
I picked Matthew and Jessica up yesterday, and Jess still had swimming on her program, but Matthew wanted to go home.  So I took Matthew home, and got Jess an hour later.

Noah will visit this weekend!  (And he'll bring his Mom)  Yeah!  Gotta get the porta-crib upstairs....

And no, the other baby is showing no sign of appearing.  And yes, the camera is in my bag, re-charged, and the memory card cleared out for his/her appearance.

I will keep you posted!

July 12, 2010

No Baby Yet

Oh, no, we are still waiting.  The summer is going on and on, it is warm humid, hot, and cools off a bit, then does the whole thing over again.
And still no baby.  I don't think the kid wants to come out.  If we only could convince it that is is indeed warm here on the outside as well!
I did more sewing.  One more cute little dress for Jessica.  Okay, I'm done making summer dresses, I'll switch to dresses with shirred sleeves.  Which I made today, now I have to find/make a pattern for the body.  
The weekend?  You ask?
I went to a firework on Saturday night.  With friends.  It didn't start until 10 PM, and went on for 20 to 25 minutes.  Nice!
Yesterday I tried (and did) to get into my usual pattern of exercising, and all right, I'll make a list, I mowed the lawn.  And then made apricot marmalade. 
And I'm waiting for a baby.  I can't wait to meet the newest member of our family.

I will keep you posted!

July 10, 2010

The Lake

Jackson came over last night.  To spend time with me while his folks went out to dinner. 

No, no baby yet, it is still safely tucked inside his/her Mom
And they are super heroes!

And then Jackson discovered the  joy of taking pictures on his own.  First he put the camera right up to his eye (wonder where he got that, no one does that anymore...)
that's how he sees the cuckoo clock
and here is his Dad

and we got him to do a selfportrait
He took an awesome photo of the books his mother took home

I'm interrupting for an important message:
It is pouring here!  Yeah, finally some much-needed rain!

After his folks left, Jackson and I went to the nearby lake to play on the playground.  He made a couple of little friends, played and played, and then, after I put a foot in the water, decided he liked it and went in.  Off came the pj's, the pull-up diaper, and in went one happy little boy.  Who had so much fun, and could only be persuaded to come out when it started to get seriously dark.  And then he complained he was cold, and I had to hug a soaking wet little one to me while we went to the towel.
I hope he won't be too grouchy today for his parents! 

July 8, 2010

And .... still hot

That's what summer is.  I bought more anti-ant stuff yesterday.  Once in a while an errant ant still appears in the house, and it's driving me crazy.  I've gotten used to living with spiders once in a while, and can even evacuate them outside if they are in my way.  But ants are just creepy.  Especially after an article somewhere about how ants send their old ladies as scouts and warriors.  They're expendable was the reasoning in an article (I'm sure a man wrote it).

Does anyone else like Brian Adams?  I'm not enough of a fan to buy music from anywhere anymore, but when I hear a Brian Adams song, I just melt.  I know, tacky.  Same with Abba, totally like them, and find the new Lady Gaga song reminds me seriously of Abba.  And Madonna (never liked her, though).  Can I possibly have more common taste?!

" you know it's true - everything I do --- ahhhh, I do it for you"  so schmaltzy and sooo goood!
Don't like  the BeeGees much, to be honest.

And my secret like is 'Guns an roses'.  Really.

And here I was just going to write about the weather.  Hmm, it was easier rambling on about things than I thought.
Another thing I like:  Crocs.  Not the big goofy original crocs, although I have a pair of them too, no, the sandals!  Lovely.   Can get them wet and not worry or ruin them, dirty - ditto.  And the not-croc-looking ones even look neat, at least I think so.

Soccer is almost over.  Germany is crushed.  Who'd've thought the country with sleek cars like the Porsche, and the leading manufacturer of scientific instruments - top of the line stuff - believes in an octopus as an oracle!  Really.  So what if he was right.  Get your manly back, Germany!

And still no baby.

July 7, 2010

Still hot

Yeah (NJ pronunciation), it's still hot.
And humid.
With warnings about taking it easy,
drinking enough water 
and staying cool.
The staying cool part is not happening,
no air-conditioning at work.
Oh, yes, we have fans.
With enough power to blow us out of the building.
And it helps.
It's supposed to get a bit better tomorrow.
I am blogging, dripping sweat.
No baby yet.

July 6, 2010


3 H boys is what our weatherman calls it. Hot, Humid, Hazy. It's a little past 6 AM and it's 85 degrees outside. With a temperature of over 100 and over degrees expected. That's around 38+ C
I skipped the walk this morning. The hydrangeas looked totally dried out in the sun yesterday afternoon. I don't know if I should bother watering them, since the heatwave is supposed to last until the weekend. At some point we'll get water restrictions, and am I just putting off the inevitable?
I'll get to see Matthew and Jessica today!
and here are some photos of the dresses I made Jessica and their 4th of July in Washington, DC
With Noah and her Mom, and I am so pleased she chose to take the dresses along.
Looks like Matthew is having fun, right?
This is what she picked to wear to the parade, it has a matching hat.
And here is my patriotic grandson.  So cute!
Thank you, Sue, for the photos - I hope you don't mind!

July 5, 2010


It was a quiet weekend.  Jackson and I had fun, we got together at his house and went to the pool with his mother.  He fell asleep on the way home to my house, and slept until after 6 PM.  We had some supper (or pretended to), and then went to the lakeside playground.  Where we played until the lightening bugs showed up.  Which were really fascinating  to him, but he stated firmly that we needed a jar to catch them in, and Daddy could do it.

The next morning he wanted to know where the lightning bugs were.  Asleep, I told him.

Yesterday, the 4th, I vegged out after his folks picked him up, and never left my house.

Today I started with the old routine of going for my walk, had a hair cut - nice and short and sticky-uppy again.

Then went back to Jackson's house, to go to the pool again.  It's way too hot here.  Yeah, I know, the Germans are complaining about the heat, but they have nothing on us.  And we'll have humidity tomorrow on top of it.
In my house it's 29 degrees C with the airconditioning!
That would be 85 degrees F - hot, right?

And we'll have a couple more days like that.

Mozzarella - fresh - was on sale at ShopRite.  So I bought a hunk, bought a tomato, I have basil, oh, so good, tomato, mozzarella, basil, some olive oil and some balsamic vinegar ---- nothing better.

Now I'll have some watermelon, and I won't have to share with anyone (but I will if you want to come over).

Oh, and I told the baby bump that the next time we get together I want to meet it face to face.

July 1, 2010

4th of July

No, no plans for the 4th of July.
If I had a buddy, maybe I'd go to the Macy's Fireworks.  And see them from the NJ side.  We'll see.
I just finished lunch.  One of my treats is plain nonfat yogurt with fresh strawberries or other fruit.  So good!  And so much  better than the store bought mix, which has a lot of sugar.

I'm into strawberries at the moment, they taste good, and aren't too expensive. 
Maybe I'll make some freezer strawberry jam.
Jackson will join me for a day this weekend, to give his parents (mother) a break, she's so busy being pregnant with lots of aches and pains.
Before you think 'oh, what a wonderful grandmother she is', it's purely selfish, I love hanging out with little people.
Note to self: clean up a bit tonight.  If I have a 3-year-old coming over, I have to move some of my stuff out of the way.

Is anyone else growing the upside-down tomatoes?  I'm trying it in two pots, just the cherry tomatoes, and I really don't see any difference to the right-side-up tomatoes.  Just a fad? 
My neighbor cut down some of the trees between our properties, the houses are close together, and his trees cast quite a bit of shade on my side.  Now the tomatoes are getting sun before 8 AM, I'm really hoping for a decent crop!  At least enough to eat, not like last year, when buying the plants cost more than the two tomatoes I got.
I also have thieves coming on my deck - raccoons help themselves, the come up the stairs, no problem, so do the chipmunk.  And the wren couple (they leave the tomatoes alone).