July 1, 2010

4th of July

No, no plans for the 4th of July.
If I had a buddy, maybe I'd go to the Macy's Fireworks.  And see them from the NJ side.  We'll see.
I just finished lunch.  One of my treats is plain nonfat yogurt with fresh strawberries or other fruit.  So good!  And so much  better than the store bought mix, which has a lot of sugar.

I'm into strawberries at the moment, they taste good, and aren't too expensive. 
Maybe I'll make some freezer strawberry jam.
Jackson will join me for a day this weekend, to give his parents (mother) a break, she's so busy being pregnant with lots of aches and pains.
Before you think 'oh, what a wonderful grandmother she is', it's purely selfish, I love hanging out with little people.
Note to self: clean up a bit tonight.  If I have a 3-year-old coming over, I have to move some of my stuff out of the way.

Is anyone else growing the upside-down tomatoes?  I'm trying it in two pots, just the cherry tomatoes, and I really don't see any difference to the right-side-up tomatoes.  Just a fad? 
My neighbor cut down some of the trees between our properties, the houses are close together, and his trees cast quite a bit of shade on my side.  Now the tomatoes are getting sun before 8 AM, I'm really hoping for a decent crop!  At least enough to eat, not like last year, when buying the plants cost more than the two tomatoes I got.
I also have thieves coming on my deck - raccoons help themselves, the come up the stairs, no problem, so do the chipmunk.  And the wren couple (they leave the tomatoes alone).


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  2. Ummm, now I'm hungry for strawberries! My problem is my limited fridge space. It's 19x19x32 so not much fits!
    I've never tried the upside down things but have seen them with fruit before. Sorry you have thieves! Patience is a virtue :)