July 23, 2010


Boah,  just when I'm at the very end of my rope, thinking there never will be another order to keep me going, and Linda, who works with me is on vacation, - yup, you guessed it:

The orders started pooring in!

And, as is usual in a case like that, everyone wants everything as soon as possible.

So, what should I be?  First, relieved.
And relieved a little more.
And then, OMG, what should I do first?!
I have to cut, I have to get things to the printer.
I have to sew.

Well, I got another reprieve.
And that's great.

Enjoy your weekend!

Edit:  Just after I pushed 'publish post' I got another order.
Do I hope for it to stop?  Slow down?  Nah, I vote for keep going.

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