July 31, 2010


Yesterday I had the glorious idea to call my friend Sherri, who has been wanting to go back to PA and visit the sewing machine store.  Well, she was ready to go, the store was open until 7 PM, and off we went.  I took along something I found at a garage sale, a Janome Overlock/Serger, which looked brand-new.  In the heat of the hunt at the sale ($15), I forgot to look if everything was included, only to find out at home, that the power cord with the foot pedal was missing.  I ordered one (here open the car window, throw out money, same effect), that totally didn't work.
So I brought the machine along, not willing to believe it was junk. 
Lovely ride to PA, it takes us about 45 minutes to get there.  Well, my machine works!  I bought another footpedal/power cord combination used, and was thrilled.  While I was there, I added to the fabric stash and got more feet for my other sewing machine.

Sherri, however, ended up buying a brand-new machine!  Her Singer totally bit the dust, it never worked to begin with.  So now we'll have to find time to practice.
After my garage sale hunt this morning (ah, a couple of things, found two more carafes, a bunch of books and two plates of the 'blue willow', I sat down and practiced more sewing.  Yeah, I know - but anyone who sews will agree that there is ALWAYS something to learn. 

Oh, and Sherri signed BOTH of us up for sewing lessons at the store next Saturday.  Figure the least I can do after talking her into buying a well, rather expensive sewing machine.

I had a long chat with my cousin, who just returned from a 2-week cruise in Europe with her husband.  I can't wait for those photos! 

And I will see my youngest grandson later today.  The parents are going out to dinner, and grandmas are on deck to babysit. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Hey Ruth! It's your long lost bloggy friend, me...
    Taking time to catch up. Glad to hear the baby is doing so good, the son came to visit, you got to see some of a movie, you struck gold at the yard sale, then the sewing store, you get to learn how to sew (haha) and you haven't melted yet! I can't believe it's August tomorrow! Seems we whine all winter, waiting for summer, then it's gone in a flash! But I guess it's ok cause we get to visit October again :) My life hasn't changed much since the big change..And you're right about us American born with the bad English. I'm guilty too..
    Ok, hope to get back here sooner. Just know I think of you and love to visit :)

    Have fun with the little ones.