July 10, 2010

The Lake

Jackson came over last night.  To spend time with me while his folks went out to dinner. 

No, no baby yet, it is still safely tucked inside his/her Mom
And they are super heroes!

And then Jackson discovered the  joy of taking pictures on his own.  First he put the camera right up to his eye (wonder where he got that, no one does that anymore...)
that's how he sees the cuckoo clock
and here is his Dad

and we got him to do a selfportrait
He took an awesome photo of the books his mother took home

I'm interrupting for an important message:
It is pouring here!  Yeah, finally some much-needed rain!

After his folks left, Jackson and I went to the nearby lake to play on the playground.  He made a couple of little friends, played and played, and then, after I put a foot in the water, decided he liked it and went in.  Off came the pj's, the pull-up diaper, and in went one happy little boy.  Who had so much fun, and could only be persuaded to come out when it started to get seriously dark.  And then he complained he was cold, and I had to hug a soaking wet little one to me while we went to the towel.
I hope he won't be too grouchy today for his parents! 

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  1. sounds like a great oma-time for jackson! :-))))