July 5, 2010


It was a quiet weekend.  Jackson and I had fun, we got together at his house and went to the pool with his mother.  He fell asleep on the way home to my house, and slept until after 6 PM.  We had some supper (or pretended to), and then went to the lakeside playground.  Where we played until the lightening bugs showed up.  Which were really fascinating  to him, but he stated firmly that we needed a jar to catch them in, and Daddy could do it.

The next morning he wanted to know where the lightning bugs were.  Asleep, I told him.

Yesterday, the 4th, I vegged out after his folks picked him up, and never left my house.

Today I started with the old routine of going for my walk, had a hair cut - nice and short and sticky-uppy again.

Then went back to Jackson's house, to go to the pool again.  It's way too hot here.  Yeah, I know, the Germans are complaining about the heat, but they have nothing on us.  And we'll have humidity tomorrow on top of it.
In my house it's 29 degrees C with the airconditioning!
That would be 85 degrees F - hot, right?

And we'll have a couple more days like that.

Mozzarella - fresh - was on sale at ShopRite.  So I bought a hunk, bought a tomato, I have basil, oh, so good, tomato, mozzarella, basil, some olive oil and some balsamic vinegar ---- nothing better.

Now I'll have some watermelon, and I won't have to share with anyone (but I will if you want to come over).

Oh, and I told the baby bump that the next time we get together I want to meet it face to face.


  1. I´ll come over to have some watermelon, you know, don´t tell us, we will really come! ;-) in my apartment its always 30 - 31°C which is soooooo hot for germany! ganz viele, liebe grüsse vom hunsrück!

  2. AH, I'm reading through the post I've missed, it's almost 7am, and now I'm really hungry for Mozzarella, tomatoes and watermelon! No chance of any of it right now :(
    Hope that babybump is listening...keep us informed, and have fun with Jackson.