July 8, 2010

And .... still hot

That's what summer is.  I bought more anti-ant stuff yesterday.  Once in a while an errant ant still appears in the house, and it's driving me crazy.  I've gotten used to living with spiders once in a while, and can even evacuate them outside if they are in my way.  But ants are just creepy.  Especially after an article somewhere about how ants send their old ladies as scouts and warriors.  They're expendable was the reasoning in an article (I'm sure a man wrote it).

Does anyone else like Brian Adams?  I'm not enough of a fan to buy music from anywhere anymore, but when I hear a Brian Adams song, I just melt.  I know, tacky.  Same with Abba, totally like them, and find the new Lady Gaga song reminds me seriously of Abba.  And Madonna (never liked her, though).  Can I possibly have more common taste?!

" you know it's true - everything I do --- ahhhh, I do it for you"  so schmaltzy and sooo goood!
Don't like  the BeeGees much, to be honest.

And my secret like is 'Guns an roses'.  Really.

And here I was just going to write about the weather.  Hmm, it was easier rambling on about things than I thought.
Another thing I like:  Crocs.  Not the big goofy original crocs, although I have a pair of them too, no, the sandals!  Lovely.   Can get them wet and not worry or ruin them, dirty - ditto.  And the not-croc-looking ones even look neat, at least I think so.

Soccer is almost over.  Germany is crushed.  Who'd've thought the country with sleek cars like the Porsche, and the leading manufacturer of scientific instruments - top of the line stuff - believes in an octopus as an oracle!  Really.  So what if he was right.  Get your manly back, Germany!

And still no baby.

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