July 6, 2010


3 H boys is what our weatherman calls it. Hot, Humid, Hazy. It's a little past 6 AM and it's 85 degrees outside. With a temperature of over 100 and over degrees expected. That's around 38+ C
I skipped the walk this morning. The hydrangeas looked totally dried out in the sun yesterday afternoon. I don't know if I should bother watering them, since the heatwave is supposed to last until the weekend. At some point we'll get water restrictions, and am I just putting off the inevitable?
I'll get to see Matthew and Jessica today!
and here are some photos of the dresses I made Jessica and their 4th of July in Washington, DC
With Noah and her Mom, and I am so pleased she chose to take the dresses along.
Looks like Matthew is having fun, right?
This is what she picked to wear to the parade, it has a matching hat.
And here is my patriotic grandson.  So cute!
Thank you, Sue, for the photos - I hope you don't mind!


  1. What a lucky little girl to have dresses Grandma made! You've done such a sweet job with them Ruth. Thanks for sharing the pictures :)

    Stay cool!

  2. Hallo liebe Ruth,
    durch Zufall hab ich eben deinen Blog gesehen und gelesen, dass du in New Jersey wohnst. Vor vielen Jahren, genau genommen 1989 hab ich in Patterson gewohnt und bin dann in den Big Apple umgezogen. Allerings haben mich widrige Umstände wieder nach Deutschlang gezogen :)
    Ich wünsche dir eine schöne Zeit und einen herrlichen Sommer.
    Ganz liebe Grüße aus Nürnberg schickt dir