July 13, 2010

Random thoughts

The humidity is 20 percent higher here then in Germany.  I have the weather programmed into my iGoogle, home (in NJ), work (30 mins away), the little town I grew up in (in Germany) and where my  little brother lives now (also in Germany).  And the temperatures are about the same, except the humidity is 20 percent higher here.

I've been reading some German blogs, where they recommend hanging wet towels or sheets in front of the windows to keep it cool.  Well, doesn't work when the humidity is high!  Wet air we have enough of, we don't want more.  Then only airconditioning helps, or maybe the dehumidifier, and that really only in the basement.

(American readers, please indulge me, I know you know all this).

And fans.  Lots of them.  With the airconditioners I want fans.  Lovely, cool air.  Some German visitors tried to tell me that it was just an illusion, having the air blown about, and that it actually made it hotter.  No sirreee babadoo!  I love my fans.

And it's raining at the moment - more humidity.  Which is a good thing.  Everything was all dry.

I saw the fox the other day, when I was walking toward 'my' pond early in the morning.  He took a peek at me, and then withdrew.  He is light red/brown at this time.  The swans are childless again.  No luck with babies.  So sad.

And Jessica liked everything I made her.  We discussed length of garnments, straps, and she told me her ideas, and I went home, and executed said ideas.
I picked Matthew and Jessica up yesterday, and Jess still had swimming on her program, but Matthew wanted to go home.  So I took Matthew home, and got Jess an hour later.

Noah will visit this weekend!  (And he'll bring his Mom)  Yeah!  Gotta get the porta-crib upstairs....

And no, the other baby is showing no sign of appearing.  And yes, the camera is in my bag, re-charged, and the memory card cleared out for his/her appearance.

I will keep you posted!

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