July 28, 2010


A friend and I wanted to go to the movies last night, btw, it drives me crazy when people do the 'me and my friend' - doesn't anyone lean/teach anymore that it's the other person first, then the 'I'???  And people who went to college!   My goodness, how did they make it through school?!  English has to be a 'must' subject?

Anyway, ALL the movies were sold out until 10 PM, which is way to late for us working folks.  So we went home and rented 'The girl with the dragon tattoo'.  I have to say, despite the subtitles, I enjoyed it.  We didn't manage to finish it (old people, have to go to bed early), but we made it about 2 hours in.  Some of the stuff from the book is missing, obviously, but it does follow the story.  I enjoyed seeing an unknown actress as Lisbeth Salander, it makes it so much more believable. 

And I heard this morning, that - I actually will have to look up his name - he was one of the 007 actors - will play Michael Bloomquist in the American version.  Which I think is sad.  Why can't the Swedish version be the only one?  Are the actors not good enough?  Is it because they don't speak English in the movie?  And of course dubbing is out of the question, not with the industry the way it is....  too bad.

I'm kind of at lose ends at the moment, I don't have a book to really get into. 

Update on mother and baby:  both are well, fine, great.  Baby makes a lot of noise, according to the Dad, whom I just spoke with.  And Dad and big brother are well too. 
So I am sitting back, relaxing.  A pregnancy and a newborn without major stress or issues is truly something wonderful.  And after the last two little ones something we all aren't used to.

Let's all hope that things stay this way!

Weather: hot and humid.
I walked this morning.

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