July 22, 2010

Baseball game

Last night was the annual baseball game between our local channel 7 ABC News and WPLJ, our favorite radio station at a local college.  I like to go with the kids and family, it's a night out, and we never stay long enough to be bored.  The last time we went two years ago, when the weatherman blew out his Achilles tendon.  He stayed at the game, and came out in crutches, to show the viewers that he was all right, and would see his doc in the morning.
Well, he broadcast the weather for the next couple of weeks from his back yard.  It was very funny, he had the neighbors visit, and so on.

Then there was a one-year break in the charity game, and it was back on last night.

And there are photos of us having a brush with fame:

Erika with Lori Stokes, Bill Evans, the weatherman is to the left,
Matthew with Joe Torez, one of the local channel reporters, oh, and I'm peeking in from behind!
Bill Evans signing his picture for Matthew

Jessica eating ice cream,
Michelle Charlesworth was there with her baby, so was early morning news anchor Ken Rosatto, and a line waiting to get their autograph.
And the baseball game:
Who won?  Not important.  It was a good time, we left way before it ended, since kids had to take showers and go to bed for yet another hot activity filled day.

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