March 29, 2012

No Time

Monday we came back from Atlanta.


This weekend we're going back to MA, to pick up the last things, because the house is sold.

Georgia was terrific, we packed in a lot of stuff, some of it I'll show later, but here is a teaser:

Matching the approaching Easter celebration.
I saw those eggs and I was a goner.
They are so beautiful, one could put them as a decoration on the Easter table.

All right, move along, I have no more time!


  1. busy, busy, busy! aber dat is auch gut so! :-)) schöne grüsse ausm hunsrück!

  2. Hey, M. zieht also richtig bei dir ein. Das ist doch toll!
    Wenn er sein Haus verkauft hat.
    Meine Glückwünsche - und, soll ich schon frohe Ostern wünschen?
    Ok, Frohe Ostern liebe Ruth, dir, M. und allen deinen Lieben
    deine Bärbel