March 1, 2012


That would be me.  I just ! figured out how to download the photos off my android.  Although in my defense, I never really thought about it.  But what a world opened up!  The funny (to me at the moment) photos can now easily be shared.  And I much rather spend time doing that then actually cleaning the house.  Yes, I made some attempt at closets, and found a folder I talked my mother out of many years ago.  I thought it was lost, it was a map of Durer reproductions that were printed in Germany to celebrate Durer's 400th birthday.  In 1928.  Well, now that I talked about it I may as well take pictures and share those as well

My mother's handwriting, the folder is still in the cardboard envelope she made:

 The folder, the cover sheet

 Unfortunately I cannot turn the photos, so you'll have to google 
you'll get a better view of the scope of his art.
And yes, I visit 'him' any time I'm in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

My favorite, framed.


  1. Hi Ruth, just taking a few minutes to catch up on some blog posts. I've missed you...
    And what do I find? YOU'RE ENGAGED! How wonderful Ruth:) I'll take time to email a letter soon. Hugs for now.

  2. Boah, das ist ja ein richtig historischer Brief.
    Die "Betenden Hände" von Albrecht Dürer waren fast in jedem Haus zu finden.
    Behalte diesen wertvollen Brief. Das ist ein richtiger Schatz.

  3. Ich hab für die Betenden Hände eine Kunststoff-Vorlage, die mit Wachs gefüllt werden kann. Hab das mal für meinen Ex-Schwiegervater zu Weihnachten gemacht.

    LG Ruthy