March 8, 2012


The last couple of days I've been walking.  It was cold!  Thinking it's almost spring, I didn't wear a hat, and my face and ears were freezing and numb.
I fully intended to walk this morning, but I got sidetracked when I brought the garbage can in.  The leaves from the winter winds were just stuck in all the dead and green coming plants, and cried out to be removed.  I did remember to wear gardening gloves, which I often don't when the moment strikes me.

The snow drops are blooming and I have a lot of them.  I will have to remember to spread out the bulbs some more before fall, it's so pretty.

The birds are loving the peanuts I throw out in the morning.  They turn up their noses at the fancy seeds I put in the feeder, but unshelled peanuts they love!  The blue jays, the crows, and the small birds are right there almost as soon as I close the door behind me.

I gotta go!  Traffic is waiting for me....

1 comment:

  1. Der Frühling will kommen, doch der Winter hält immer noch seine Hand drüber.
    Schön, dass die Vögel das Futter annehmen und fast gierig danach sind. Erdnüsse ohne Schale, soso, anspruchsvoll sind sie auch ;-)
    Ok, Eichhörchne würden sie auch mit Schale nehmen.
    Im Garten mit Handschuhen arbeiten ist schon von Vorteil.
    Liebe Grüße und ein schönes Wochenenede für dich
    deine Bärbel