April 21, 2010


What I meant to write down before was that the leaves are really out.  And it's gorgeous.  Even the oaks, which are almost the last ones to appear are there with new shiny light green leaves.  Ususally I can count on the leaves being green and full by the 10th of May - Erika's birthday.  But we are beating all records this year. 
Oh, it's still chilly in the air.  And I wear a fleece, and sweat pants, and socks, and long-sleeve shirts, because it's still cold in the building.  Fine, if you move around, but if you sit, you get chilly.  The windows in the house are still closed, it's a bit too cold, especially at night, to leave them open.  Really the weather is perfect.

The trip this weekend might be cancelled.  we had planned to go to Maryland, but - well, the pregnancy is sort of on the bubble.  If everyone out there keeps thinking positive thoughts, I'm hoping we have another few weeks. 

I feel a change - I am ready for a change in my life.  What, I don't know.  When I spoke to a friend, she asked me to divide my age by 7.  Yup, that works, and I guess it's time!  I am looking forward to it, and can't yet imagine what it could be.


  1. My tulips have bloomed but we still could get a snowstorm, I live in Colorado! Those leaves on the trees are beautiful, If you travel have a fun trip! Hugs Anne

  2. Ok, I felt a change coming on too...wasn't what I was wishing for but oh well..
    I just divided my age by 7 and got 8.4285714 so what does that mean :P
    Enjoy your early blooms Ruth.