April 29, 2010

Newark Airport

Matthew just called me.  From Florida.  Would I pick them up?  Sure!  What time, what terminal, what flight number?  Got the information.

They flew to Disney World.  And Jessica called me every day to tell me what she did.
And their mother called this morning to tell me not to worry, they'd get a taxi to pick them up.
After I got done with Matthew, she got on the phone and told me the children were outraged that I wasn't coming.  'What do you mean, Oma is not going to come get us?'
So tonight I'll go to the airport and get them like I had promised.

oh, it feels good to be missed!

Well, after I got gas to go back to the airport later, my car died.  As it happened right in front of a repair shop, someone who used to fix my cars all the time.  So Aunt Nikki is getting the gang.  At least there will be a friendly face!

1 comment:

  1. oh I am so sorry to hear that about your car! it always sucks when such s.... happens!
    Have a great weekend anyway!
    Greeting from the rainy Hunsrück!