April 25, 2010

Stash and Stars

Saturday was gorgeous.  Simply beautiful.  So was Friday.  Friday Matthew invited me to his Star Day in school.  Every child in his class has a star day, and it was his turn.  His parents, his sister and I went armed with cookies and the things he wanted to show and talk about.  First we all had to say why Matthew is important to us, and then Matthew gave a presentation and showed an interview he did with his uncle.
Then the class had to sit in a circle and tell what they liked about Matthew.
What a great way to make a child feel important!
His teacher is very sweet and so good with energetic 1st graders.

And yesterday I garage saled with friends, scored two old apothecary  bottles, went to breakfast and then started to go to Jackson's family.  I had to stop at a great garage sale on the way first, where I scored this stash:
No idea what I'll do with it yet, the ideas will come.  I even haggled the price down - wooo hoo!

With Jackson's parents we went to a park, again with a pond (NJ has tons of lakes, ponds, etc.), and joined the hordes that were already there.  Jackson and his Dad brought the bikes:
See the oak trees?  Yes, really out already!  So early....
Not yet three years old he made it twice around the pond.
His mother is fine for the moment, and home with instructions to just carry on.

Today it's rainy, but that's part of it all too.  The plants and flowers are happy! 
I'm off to spend some time with my poor, neglected house, to give it some TLC, and to maybe sew.

To my Anonymous Reader:
I love hearing from you!  I'd love to get in touch with you, if you want - and I will tell you why your first comment affected me the way it did (I have secrets too).


  1. What a fulfilling day! Three cheers for you! Anne

  2. Hallo aus der "alten Heimat"!

    Vor einiger Zeit waren einige Deiner/Ihrer Verwandten hier in Deutschland - genauer: hier in Freiburg!
    Ich arbeite im Starbucks in Freiburg und wenn ich ausländische Gäste bediene,frage ich immer gerne woher sie kommen.
    So bin ich mit der jungen Frau ins Gespräch gekommen und irgendwann hat sie mir von diesem Blog erzählt!

    und heute bin ich endlich mal dazugekommen ihn zu suchen und Dir/Ihnen einen Gruß zu hinterlassen!

    Katharina (;

  3. Liebe Katharina,
    das war meine Schwaegerin. Wir haben die Plaetze vertauscht, und ich wohne hier, und sie wohnt in D'land.
    Vielen Dank fuer Dein Kommentar, und viele liebe Gruesse zurueck!

  4. Hey Ruth...
    I love that school idea. Good teacher!

    Jackson is so cute and I'm glad to hear the mom and baby are alright.

    Love your stash too (O:

    Hope *anonymous* contacted you...