April 19, 2010


My brother Claus called  me on Friday. 

How come you're not in the middle of this?  he asked.

In the middle of what?

Well, you are usually on the flying somewhere when these things happen!  he said.

And I am so happy I am home.  I was in the air on 9/11, I flew home from Germany knowing there was a hurricane happening on the East Coast, and yes, we did try to land in the middle of it, and then really did, another airport, but land we did.  The canceled flight home, luckily only for a day, this January.

So it was a totally reasonable question.

I am happy I am home.  Grateful.  And I know what the people who are stranded are going through.  And am very happy to be home.  I am actually thinking about driving by the airport and seeing if someone wants to spend their waiting time at my house.  I'm trying to work out the logistics, and if I think it can be done, I'll do it.
Logistics?  Extra car - I don't live close to a bus or train.  It'd be hard to walk with suitcases to the next bus, should the call come to go to the airport.  And so on.

Quick add:  If anyone knows of anyone stuck at Newark Airport, please leave a comment.  I'll go pick them up, offer a shower and a night's sleep in a bed, food, and a ride back to the airport in the morning.  Does that work for anyone?  I have beds for 4, plus a couch, and somehow we can make it work.  Unfortunately only room in the car for 4 more people.


  1. Hi Ruth,

    How is Helga in Pennsylvania and Lina in Germany?

  2. I don't know - and who is asking? I know Lina is fine. I asked about her in Germany.

  3. Hallo Ruth,

    The partial answer to the puzzle is "Ein Hunsricker" but also someone from the States. I'm glad to hear Lina is fine. She was a friend of my mother's.

    Your blogs are great and I love the pictures. Especially the ones from Rheinland Pfalz and Germany in general.

  4. okay, I guess you want to be mysterious. If I had to guess - out of LA? Hmmm.
    Do you know me? I know you?
    Very, very mysterious....

  5. Are you stuck at the airport Anonymous?
    Do you need a place to stay?

  6. Hey Ruth,

    Isn't mystery a great and fun thing?! Let's just say I went to the same church you did and yes we do know each other although there are a few years difference in age. My older brother might have been in the same class with you. I'm not stuck at the airport. Maybe in September because the rates go down by that time. And I have too many places to stay at now. LA is the wrong guess, though. But your area sounds interesting. It's definitely more "happening" than quiet little R...........

    I know some of the people from the 60th birthday party. All of us got much older. If I used my name there are people that would probably recognize it. The ones in Germany for sure.


  7. Friedrich. Last name. No, older brother was one year younger.

  8. Hey Ruth,

    You're good! That didn't take very many clues! And I'm in the state where Thomas got the gear for his horses. Actually, only about and hour and a half from there. It's one of my favorite areas in this region. Also, we border the same state.

    Do you remember that Charlie and my husband left Germany on the same plane?

    One year we went to Frankfurt and had to make connections in NY and I saw Helga at the airport there. I wasn't sure it was her, though. Once in R.... we saw "her" again. I told Lina about that one and she said we could have shared a ride from the airport to R.

  9. Forgot where Thomas got the gear for his horses. PA, maybe? Have to ask him.
    I lost track of Helga years ago, right after she got married. She is back in the town she started out in in the States, that I know.
    Lina is im Altersheim in Simmern, fit like a top, I was told. The woman who always cries, she was called by my kids.
    As you can see, your classmate is fine, and we celebrated her birthday too.
    You are welcome to write to my e-mail address, if you want! And yes, I know your first name, I just don't know if you want me to use it. How is Kalla? Still married to Annette?

  10. PS - no, I didn't remember that part with our husbands taking the same flight home. Such a long time ago....

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