April 28, 2010

Cold Tuesday

Cold Tuesday Wednesday (Thank you, Nicole!)
Well, what an April we had.  So mixed!

It's really cold today.  Would you believe the weatherman told us to wear gloves this morning?!  It wasn't that cold.  I did my walk, checked on the swans, yes, still there, still nesting.  The Canadian geese (honkers) have babies, a saw a couple with two little ones.  The little ones were still small and all yellow, which disappears as they grow bigger.
But it is supposed to be in the 80's on Saturday.  That's a good thing, because Saturday I will be in Mine Hill, at Habitat for Humanity and I'll be selling my bags.  I am curious to see how many I actually will sell.  If you live in the area, just click on the link, it'll bring you to the restore store.

After that I will definitely start selling them on Etsy. 

My son-in-law (Jackson's Dad) will be running/doing a Triathlon.  Here's a shout-out to him, you go, Jackson's Dad!

Jackson was here in the warehouse on Monday.  Someone told me 'there is a little blond boy out front'.  So, I went to see him.  He was running around with a golf club in one hand, and Thomas the train in the other.  We went into his dad's office, since daddy was talking to a customer.  An empty box needed to be played with.  He climbed in, and said 'I'm gonne be Jack-in-the-box!'  Cracked me up.
Does he know he was making a joke?  Or did he just want to play jack-in-the-box?

I have no idea, but it was clever.

My driver's license needed to be renewed.  Yup, means my birthday is around the corner.  While sitting in a room and waiting for number 86 to be called, it occurred to me to shout out 'Happy Birthday'!  Isn't everyone in that room having a birthday either soon, or just had one?  Right?  I didn't, since I didn't want to be carted away by men in white coats.

And I had to bring six points of ID with me.  Driver's license, which they verified four years ago, and supposedly it's a forgery proof license, but no, they needed more stuff!  Naturalization papers, a bill, passport, a jury summons, I dragged it all with me.  And the friendly DMV person asked me if I wanted my photo from 4 years ago.  Can you believe I actually thought I look better today?  What was I thinking?!

Anyway, while I was waiting in line, I got a call from someone I hadn't heard from in ages.  And I missed her.  And I did want to talk to her, and I didn't know how to handle the 'no cell phone' signs all over the place.  So I took the call outside, and chatted for a bit.  Not so good news.  She's sick.  I'm so sorry!
And got another call from a friend in Texas.  That call was great.  All's well there.


  1. It's a cold Wednesday...not Tuesday ;-) Just figured I would point that out b/c Wed means we are just that much closer to the beloved weekend!

  2. It's cold here too..yesterday and today (o:

    I hope you sell ALL your bags, I LOVE mine!

    Good luck with the Etsy shop. I tried selling some Vintage things and tote bags there but with so many others competing with the same kinds of things, I gave up. You have to have a lot of patience which I didn't have at the time.. I needed the money.. But you can do it!

    Silly Jackson again..he's so dang cute!

    And sorry about your friend. Hope all works out for the good.

    Guess I better go blog :P