April 15, 2010

Art explained

In the post before last, I mentioned art in the title.  And then promptly forgot to explain.

Jessica is taking pop art classes at a local museum.  And Tuesday was the first day.  Since her mom sometimes can't tell if the bus will deliver her on time, I bring her to the museum, and then mom joins us.

Jessie had a great time, and will go back next week.  All I saw was a large paper with lots of pink and purple on it, and we had to leave it because it had to dry.

Her mother and I had a nice long chat about different stuff waiting for the young artist.

How fun to do those kinds of things with the little ones!

Yesterday we went to watch Matthew play soccer.  The weather was perfect, I brought a book, but watched the kids instead.  And Jessica and I just hung out until it was over.

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