April 21, 2010


The walk around the pond this morning happened very early.  Leaving the house at the crack of dawn is satisfying.  I try to have enough light to see the bear.  The two deer by the school still managed to surprise me.  I can pass them with 10 feet between us.  Only if I try to step closer and actually talk to them do they disappear.  But only a few steps.  When I came back 20 minutes later, they were still there.  Amazing.  And it would truly be remarkable, but there is a no-hunting-in-areas where people live close together in NJ, so these critters feel mighty safe.  Unless you hit them with a car, not much will happen to them.

There are more people walking around the pond now.  The swans are nesting.  Pretty soon there will be cygnets again, I hope they make it.  There is one Canadian honker who irritates the male swan to no end.  He flies right up to the swan, quacks and quacks, and then the swan goes after him.  Not once, often, several days in a row have I seen that.

I found the email address of an old friend, I'd been looking for it for a long time.  And then it turned out to be easy to find it.  And it was the right one, and I got an answer right away.  Fun.  And her daughter is caught up in the no-fly mess in Europe.  Well, it should be over soon.  I've been paying attention to the air traffic, trying to see if there is a difference that I can see from here.  No, not really.  Yes, I see a lot of planes flying overhead, I live close to a major airport.  But the highway close by makes more noise than the planes.

Hmmm.  Blogging about nothing.  That's what I'm doing.  Anyway, Matthew and Jessica both got good reports from their teachers, they are doing well! 

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