April 16, 2010


The bench I bought on Saturday was picked up yesterday by my son-in-law and me.  And Jackson, of course!  I was a little apprehensive that the bench would not fit/look good.  It is fine!  I like it a lot, and up to four adults can sit on it comfortably, and how many kids?  I don't know, we'll find out!
And this is what it looks like in an un-straightened-up dining area:
It doesn't even look big, but is, it's a long bench.  I like it a lot, it matches my furniture in color.  I've never been able to let go of the mahogany color in my life, since we got my husband's grandparents dining room set, which we got way back in 1977 or 78, and  which is now in my oldest daughter's house.  And my husband's grandparents bought it used in 1944 or 45, so you know that set is old.  Anyway, I got used to that style/color furniture, and seem to be drawn to it when looking.  I tried to go the new trend, which is white, but it just doesn't have the same appeal to me, and that too, will get 'old'.  My kitchen is white, so is my bathroom, I just can't bring myself to go white in other rooms.
Love colors.  Love the combination pink and light blue.  If it has roses on top of it, I'm gone.

I got to spend a little time with Jackson, and, as always, I adore hanging out with little guys.  Too funny.

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  1. Ruth, I love this bench! Looks like it fits right in. And I agree with you on the color. White is just not for me...
    I'll go see your other posts now too..I'm still in the moving mode but will have it all done soon and be back to here anyway (o: