April 23, 2010

feedback, comments, etc.

Sometimes I miss a comment.  And I don't like that.  I have to find out (I'm always hoping for a helpful hint, that's how I learn just about anything), how to turn on the feature that let's me know if someone is leaving a comment.... gotta go back and check in the set-up settings thingie.

Anyway, on my very first post Bine from Austria commented.  And told quite a bit about herself.  Unfortunately she doesn't have a blog and didn't leave an e-mail address.  So Bine, if you are reading this - I love that you commented, and gave so much information about yourself! 

Also, I know that I have a couple German readers.  I will continue to blog in English, first because I live here, in the US, and secondly I try to keep my English as easy and uncomplicated as I can.  No twisty run-on sentences from me.  With the very verb at the end that ties it all up in one neat package. 

And another reason for the English blogging is that I know I have some silent readers, also reading in English.  (it still is weird to write the name of a language in capital letters).

So, I do love to hear from you - anyone - doesn't matter.  Isn't that what blogging is about?  Sure, I can hope that the blog stays in existence until my grandchildren are old enough to read, and hopefully enjoy my blog.  But I may not be around by that time, and who needs comments then? 

Anyway, back to the daily business:  I visited with the mother-to-be last night, she was in good spirits, they kept her in the hospital for one more night.  I took Jackson back to his house with me and spent the night there again.  He slept until shortly before 8 AM!  I guess he needed it, but I needed to get going, since I had to go to work and I am seeing Matthew at a school event later.  Hopefully I'll get to go home tonight, my poor house needs some loving attention.
Oh, and she is fine.  Jackson's Mom.  For the moment. 


  1. Hello -= I have a granddaughter (and a daughter & hubby) that live in New Jersey :-)

    I'm not certain how exactly I did it, but whenever a get a comment, I get an email notification in my regular email box - that's sooo helpful! Sometimes people post comments on past blog entries and I would never know to look again..Hope this helps!

  2. Ich hoffe mit Deiner Tochter und ihrer Schwangerschft wird alles gut, ich drücke die Daumen!

  3. Das mit den Kommentaren kenne ich - ich mag sie auch sehr ;) Übrigens sind lange verschachtelte Sätze mit einem Verb am Ende eher typisch deutsch als typisch englisch ;)

    Auch von mir gedrückte Daumen für Deine Tochter!!

  4. @Cagun: Vielen Dank!
    @ Miera: Das meinte ich ja, die verschachtelten Seatze mit dem verb am Ende in deutsch ;-)

  5. I like your blog. I am reading from time to time and am enjoying the pictures.

    My aunt was once living in NJ and she told me a bit about it when I was a child.
    However, she is long gone and if only I knew how to find out, where exactly she was living and the names of my relatives.
    It's a shame, really.

    From the pics it looks like a beautiful place to be.

    And regarding the comments.... don't worry..

  6. Ich kenn das mit den kommentaren, sie machen einen blog erst lebendig.
    Manchmal schreibe ich einen post der richtig richtig viel arbeit macht und kaum jemand kommentiert...dann wieder ist es so, dass bestimmte bilder so viele kommentare bekommen, und ich hätte nicht damit gerechnet.. Aber immer freue ich mich, und am schönsten ist natürlich wenn sich irgendein Faden daraus entwickelt.
    ich kommentier jetzt einfach mal in deutsch, weils doch leichter ist für mich..
    lieben gruß, smilla