April 22, 2010


My friend sent me a few photos of our excursion to PA today.  And here are a few photos:
First one up a picture of the new sewing machine the moment it became mine
and the walk on the old defunct railroad bridge that so freaked Sherri out:
She really was not a happy camper.  I want to walk it again, I want to know where in NJ it ends.
In other news:  I spent the night at Jackson's house.  His mother had to spend the night in the hospital, since she had contractions, and she needs to be checked by Internal Fetal Medicine.  We all think she'll be released today, and maybe put on bed rest.  I hope not yet, maybe just meds, and we'll tie her down and make her rest.
We will definitely not go to MD or DC, no need to rock the boat or be four hours from home.  Some other time!
And only 3 weeks to go and she'll be at the 31 weeks she was with Jackson.  And we know that that turned out well.
I picked Jackson up from daycare, and we went shopping.  I needed underwear and a new t-shirt, since I didn't go home  (note to self, stick a bag with essentials in your car, you neva know!).  While there, Jackson picked out Handy Manny undies for himself too after I convinced him he would need them.

We had scrambled eggs and veggies for supper, and  huge surprise, he ate it!  After I told him I didn't know how to use the jacuzzi bathtub (is it broken?), he relented and took a bath in his.  (with earth day today I didn't think we needed to fill the jacuzzi).  This morning we took our time, I let him watch TV, he watch with me, he played with his toys, then lined them up for his return, and I dropped him off at daycare.
to be continued.........   as soon as I know anything.

So far: one more day in the hospital.  But I AM going home, getting supplies, taking down the laundry from yesterday morning, and then driving back to spend the night in Jackson's house.  No conclusive word on mother/baby yet.


  1. First, my thoughts and good thinking are with your daughter...and you. Hope all is well.
    And it sounds like you and Jackson are having quite a fun time.

    Love the look on your face as you stand by the new sewing machine..priceless! Hope you're getting all the sewing done you wanted to do.

    Keep us informed...

  2. Forgot to tell you I laughed at the fact Jackson went undies shopping with his grannie. My little Wyatt wouldn't even think of doing that! He calls womens undies "disgusting!" I can't wait to tell him that when he's older (o: