April 27, 2010


Time is passing so amazingly fast.

I went to book club last night.  We'd read 'Brooklyn' by Colm Toibin.  It was all right.  The heroine of the book reminded me very much of Angela in 'Angela's Ashes'.  And A. A. was a book I couldn't finish.  The life of Angela bothered me way too much.

But getting together with the book club ladies was fun!  What a great bunch!
The book for next time is picked, and it's 'Helmet for my Pillow' by R. Leckie.  Apparently the ladies knew the author, he lived in this area.

Oh, what was I thinking. .... This morning I walked to and around 'my' pond again.  And I was missing the Statue of Liberty.   No, the statue isn't anywhere near the pond, I just mean I haven't been there in a while.  It's one of my favorite things, to bring new visitors to the statue, or to go there myself.  A big part of that is Ellis Island.  What a great museum!
I just realized, I don't even have photos of my trips there on this laptop.  I'll have to upload them.  One of the book club ladies also asked me to upload the photos of the Chihuly exhibit in the Botanical Garden in the Bronx again.
And while I'm at it, another friend asked for the Brooklyn Bridge pictures.
All right - note to self - upload!

And now I'll write an e-mail to find out some test results.

Note:  The photo I am using as my title photo was taken two years ago from Liberty State Park (the NJ side on the way to the statue).  We were getting out of the car, I looked up and saw the ship.  I ditched the rest of the family and ran to the edge of the water to get the photo.  It also happened to be the Gorch Fock, the show piece of the German Navy, sailing past with amazing speed.
We continued our trip, but never made it to the statue, since the rest of the family got so totally drawn in at Ellis Island.


  1. sehr schönes schiff! viele grüsse aus dem sonnigen hunsrück. hier soll´s nun endlich auch warm werden! K&D

  2. I'll be watching for the uploads too...

    Blogger has made changes in how you put pictures on your blog..I'm going to have to do some switching around of things before I can add anymore. Guess there's a reason for it but I hate when I get accustomed to doing something and then they change it..blah.

    I have family that come through Ellis as did most everyone else. I'd love to visit the museum also but I'd be like your family and stay there all day +

    Love the title picture too (o: