April 2, 2010


As I was on my walk this morning, which I still started a little too late, it was already getting light, I stopped and took this photo:
The moon looked just so beautiful reflected in the pond.  This is one view of the little pond I walk around most mornings.
And below is the view from the other side, facing East.  The sunrises aren't that gorgeous yet, it gets light way before the sun comes up over the Horizon.
This is my new sewing machine.  It works great!  I am really happy with it.

And this is more material I bought when I was out in PA last weekend.  Since we won't know what the new baby will be until it's here, I need to be prepared!
And some little bags I made to be sold on the 1st of May, or at least offered, hopefully to be sold.
The top ones I made at work with a commercial machine, since I'm sewing through the paper backing of the material, and it's heavy upholstery material.  The bottom ones I made with the new sewing machine.  The applicays I got from a friend years ago, and she found them in her mother's belongings - so they are vintage, which is cool.
Have a very happy Easter, everybody!

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  1. RUTH!!!!

    Life has been crazy at my house this last week..Got a call for a new job, took it, worked my last day at the 'Rosie the Riveter' job Thursday, been trying to get all the duck lined up in a way.. and have been so far behind on blogs :(
    I need to be up at 3am and leave by 5 to drive a couple house to my new job. I'll stay there all week, then be back here for the weekend. I'll take time to tell you more soon.

    I love your new sewing machine, your little bags and your walks! And that you get to spend time with your friends, that's awesome.

    Just wanted to stop and let you know what's going on ...and to tell you....

    YOU WON MY GIVEAWAY on Change in a Bottle!!


    I'm too tired to even think if I already have your address...and won't have time to look in the morning, so could you please email it to me? BUT, I won't have access to a computer for a few days..unless I can find one on's an Army base I'm going to..
    Anyway, I may not get it mailed to you until Saturday...

    Ok, sleep is calling. I'm so glad you won!!

    I'll be thinking of you my friend (o: