May 2, 2010


Baglady, that's what I was yesterday.  Trying to sell my bags.  The day was gorgeous, even hot.  I had a hat and sunglasses on all day, but still got  a sunburn on my shoulders.
The sale went all right.  Not great, just all right.  I sold some bags, but only after I marked them down to a price I wouldn't normally mark them down to.  I just didn't want to go home with all my bags.
And yes, I would and will do this sale again.

I met some very nice people, Barbara, who was selling books next to me, was very nice, and we chattet  throughout the day and enjoyed ourselves.  Penny, my friend who got me into the sale, was awesome, and it was fun.

My son-in-law ran a difficult quarter marathon yesterday, with an elevation difference of over 6,000 feet, through mud and water, and I can't wait to find out how he did.

I got asked out to dinner with four other remarkable ladies last night.  We had so much fun, laughing and talking and reminiscing and all of us wondering what happened to time (and how we got so old).  And after we had dinner in a (very) noisy Italian restaurant, we went to B.'s house and sat out on the porch until almost midnight.

To fill in some:  car repair was expensive.  And it was a computer in/on the car, and it took at most 20 mins. to swap out, and then T.oyota wanted dineros.  Lots of them.

Today?  What'll I do today?  Walk to and around the pond.   And then - maybe sew, maybe clean up around my house....  Enjoy the day!


  1. You realy should try to sell the bags on the internet. What did people say? What did they like - what not? On the other hand the internet will not go out for dinner with you and invite you to sit on the porch.
    It was raining for two days. Today we took the horses out for a ride and it started to rain even harder. Now we are back in the house...

  2. Sorry you didn't sell them all..that's the chance you take I guess. I love mine and hope whoever did buy will appreciate all the work you put into them.
    Glad you got to spend such a fun time with friends..that's what counts (o:

    Tell Toyota they should be glad you even still have the car! They should be paying you to fix it!!

    Glad you enjoyed that pond walk..