May 25, 2010


Detergent is a funny thing.  I don't think it makes the laundry clean at all.  It just gives us the illusion of clean.  Why would a brand like Tide sell a 'stain remover' if laundry detergent was effective?
Another thing I don't understand is that we in the US get to use 'dangerous' things like antiperspirant with aluminum chlorohydrate, which you can't get in German deodorants (and there must be many more examples), and you can't get a decent laundry detergent in the US?  The laundry washed in Germany in January was perfectly clean.  And don't tell me it's the hot water.  Even if I try to wash with hot water here, it doesn't come as clean.  And no, it's not the washing machine either.  I have a front loading washing machine, just like people in Germany.  It's the crappy detergent, I'm telling you!
It just makes me nuts.  We get to pour bleach all over everything.  Well, bleach is fine for a wash or two, ruins the fiber in the long run, and in the very long run, does the opposite it's supposed to, items turn yellow.  And bleach is terrible for the environment.

When I complained to Tide, that I didn't think the detergent worked, even though it's the most expensive on the market, I got a coupon for a free bottle of Tide.  Does that help?  It's so annoying.

I want clean laundry!


  1. Try borax or white vinegar. Supposed to be great for laundry. Not sure it'll smell as nice though :) Guess you could add some fabric softener.

  2. Hey. better yet, have your brother send ..some REAL detergent!! I'll send ya some money (o: and I hate the smell of bleach.