May 31, 2010

Mashomack and Shelter Island

We spent the weekend on Shelter Island.  And the weather and the scenery was so beautiful, one couldn't stand it.  We managed.  It was tough.

When you get up and go outside, this is the view on a holiday weekend.  Hard to take, I know.  I suffer.

We meandered to the cocktail party on the open day of the nature preserve on the island.  And checked out the beach - again, suffering involved.
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To endure a couple of hours there, one has to have a drink, meander through the woods to this gorgeous beach and remember to breathe.  And in Matthew's case, throw rocks.  Yes, tough, I know.  And there were refreshments, tables with cheese, fruit, and ham and or turkey. 
The rest of the weekend was more suffering.  Horrible weather (as one neighbor asked me) in the form of balmy breezes, sunny skies, and blue water.

Who could live with this?  Early in the morning, before the breezes started up, here is more

The wild roses were blooming, and they are allowed to grow all over.  Every lot that doesn't have a house on it, has the wild roses blooming.  They climb up trees, wind their way around and about everything on the lots, are on the walk all the way from the house to the dump (which itself has a mature huge stand of bamboo), on both sides of the road.  Jim and I walked it this morning before 8 AM, and the smell of the roses was just wonderful.  The breeze - the roses, the smell is still in my nose, and I will associate it with the island forever.
We went to the parade that goes around twice, and then we drove home.

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  1. Magnificent! What a perfect post for the end of a long lovely weekend. Thank you for sharing and come join me soon! Lots of giveaways at my place! Hugs Anne