May 3, 2010

Lawn (not mowed)

Weekend was hot.  Yesterday humid and hot.

I had enough energy to walk three times around the pond - in company, thank you Sherri!

And then cleaned up the yard some, and did some work around the house.  Not too much, I was still tired from the day before.

Gotta get a new faucet for the kitchen.  Why do they make plastic parts in faucets that can break?!  Why?!  On the other hand, I had the faucet since 1992.  Then again, some faucets are 100 years old or more.

Anyway, anyone have any suggestion on the type of faucet?  I liked the one I have, a sprayer and faucet all in one, no handles on the side, just a handle on the top.

I talked to Noah on the phone this morning.  He was telling me 'gulla'.  Which translated means he is holding (snug)galla, those little blankets with a bear head.
  And that was it for my weekend.

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  1. I never thought I'd like the ones without the two knobs. But the one in my house is like handle on the top..I love it! Oh, sprayer too...Hope it's what you get..