May 11, 2010

Cold Tuesday

Wow, what a weekend!  Started with the arrival of my son with his wife and son.  My son-in-law surprised me with Matthew and Jessica.  And the weekend was off!  Saturday we got together again, this time we had Jessica with us, since her mother had to work, and she was in no mood to go to the Mets game, as originally planned. 

Jackson came with his parents, plus another couple, who were waiting for good news. It was lovely, a cookout, kids piled on the bench like visioned, just lovely.
The mini-lilacs were blooming:

and I blew out birthday candles:
yes, while someone was calling me, wishing happy birthday.
here is the munchkin who is staying with me.
some of Saturday's cook-out gang, and
And just like I thought, the pile-up on the bench.

And Sunday's pile-up on the couch
Too little to really get them to sit and 'smile'.
and our attempts at getting them there.
Yesterday I took the day off, and we played with cousins and wished Erika a happy birthday.


  1. Glad you had a wonderful Birthday with your family Ruth and thank you for the email. I'm being kinda quiet this week but I've been reading about your days. We'll both get back to normal when life does...if ever it does.
    Take care my friend and keep posting..

  2. ei wie schön!! :-)

  3. Oh! Your birthday as well?
    Then a happy happy belated birthday to you, lots of luck and love and sunshine