May 24, 2010


Noah calls me 'Sweetie'.  Hi Sweetie, he says.  His mother says that's because I call him 'Sweetie' I wasn't even aware of it until she pointed it out.

Erika threw her sister a small baby shower.  Since Nicole had Jackson when she was 31 weeks pregnant, she had the baby shower after the baby was already here.  So Erika organized the party, got the invitations out, and we aimed to surprise Nicole.
Sue made a gorgeous cake for the occasion, really beautiful, and it was delicious too!
The premise was going to see 'Sex and the City'.  Since it doesn't start until next weekend, Nicole was told we'd be seeing a preview in a theater nearby.  She swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

As she pulled up to the house, one of her friends was going in, she actually didn't recognize her and asked 'who was that?', getting, 'oh, just a neighbor, dropping something off', before she walked in.  Totally, totally surprised.

'So we're not going to the movies?'  No, Nicole!

We had a good time, and since we were only about 12 - 14 people, the opening of the gifts didn't take that  long either.
Good surprise!
These are the outfits I made for the baby.  One for a girl and one for a boy, since they don't want to know beforehand what they are having.
Her face as she walked in the door.

The gorgeous cake Sue made, and it was delicious!
The diaper cake (made by Sue) with booties that started with Jim's sister Laurie's children, her daughter will be 14 years old soon, and the booties were worn by 6 children so far, and the new baby will be the seventh!

And pregnant friends!

And Saturday Sue came with Noah just a minute after Matthew and Jessica came to spend the night.  Matthew set the tone for the evening, we went to the playground and then out for pizza.  Was good!

And yes, I have plans for Memorial Day!  Erika called and asked if I wanted to come to Shelter Island.  Yes!

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