May 12, 2010


Noah will be picked up today.  He is a gorgeous little boy.  So sweet, smiles at everyone, can pronounce everyone's name, says hello, is delighted to see his cousins, and easy to take care of.  That I didn't get any work done yesterday, well, he is only (not yet) two.  I thought he could be kept busy, maybe even take a nap while watching 'Cars', and yes,  he did, but only while I was holding him.  That's all right, I'm not that busy anyway.
We then picked up the cousins, and they were delighted to see each other.  

His parents are enjoying their stay at the Finger lakes in upstate NY.   
Rain here today.  And hopefully better weather for the weekend.

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  1. Hi Ruth..
    Sounds like you've been busy with the little Munchkin! But now you'll have to give him up...